Broom closet needs organization

Here are photos of my closet. It has a broom, mop, vacuum cleaner and dustpan. When I open the door everything falls out. I would appreciate ideas and advice.
q broom closet needs organization, closet, organizing
q broom closet needs organization, closet, organizing
q broom closet needs organization, closet, organizing, Broom closet
Broom closet
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  • Shari Shari on Dec 30, 2013
    Most brooms, mops, dust pans etc., have a hole at the top of the handle for hanging. I would buy several Command Strip hooks and place them on the side walls of the broom closet so you can hang as many of them as possible. The Command hooks are removable if you ever change your mind about placement--no drilling necessary/no holes left behind when you remove them. Looks like the door is wide enough that you could even hang your most used broom/mop on the inside of the door so it is right there and easy to get to when you open the door.

  • Tanya Peterson Felsheim Tanya Peterson Felsheim on Dec 30, 2013
    There are these awesome things to hold brooms...usually you have to screw them in but I have seen some with with a very strong adhesive as Shari mentioned kind of like a command strips such as this one

  • Mikell Paulson Mikell Paulson on Dec 30, 2013
    Yes !! Hang them up and make better use of your space! That way you can get things out with out every thing falling out!

  • April April on Dec 30, 2013
    Yep! Hang them up!

  • Minuet Stephens Minuet Stephens on Dec 30, 2013
    Everything but the vac should hang. Then get some cheap chipboard or melamine shelving cut the the width/depth of the cupboard (and a couple of bits about half the width to make legs) |--| and make one or two low shelves beneath the vacuum. Disconnect the pipe from the metal bar of the vac and the vac head will stand. Add a hook (you can even get curved metal brackets to gold the Vac hose on a wall. Then you have storage underneath for extra heads, bags, rags whatever.

  • Peggie Love Peggie Love on Dec 30, 2013
    Ive been through this and solved this by putting a nail at the top then a screw and then went to Lowes or Home Depot and bought the metal magnet strip for garage tools and stuck it inside the broom closet and wow they flew on the thing. the dust pain look for a metal piece something like a braclet from Good will and try that. I got luck with a piece of something and it works.

  • Yaron Yaron on Dec 31, 2013
    Hey all, thank you so much for the great suggestions. I am on it and will post updated photos.

  • Jeanette S Jeanette S on Dec 31, 2013
    I got sick of digging for something, Hubby put up this strip in a small space just inside the washroom door! It is about 8" deep and a 2' strip. Notice that there are 2 different lengths of hooks. The black bag is to hold washed cans and lids for a few weeks until I can collect enough for a project for snowmen for next Christmas...a perfect place to hold this for a short time...out of the way but handy! This is in my washroom just to the right of the otherwise unused space. You can see it is just to the right of where a door opens!

    • Yaron Yaron on Dec 31, 2013
      @Jeanette S thanks, that looks very useful and will solve the problem. I appreciate the help.

  • Jeanette S Jeanette S on Dec 31, 2013
    PS...once you get the brooms off the floor, you can put in a basket to hold cleaning supplies.

  • Val Val on Jan 01, 2014
    I fastened a 1x4" board along three walls in my broom closet, then put hooks wherever I needed them. A tip that could save your sanity; run a zip tie through the hole at the top of each handle, and hang them up from that. They will stay flush against the wall and be much easier to take down and hang up. I got this tip from Karen at Awesome site for organizing! Val

  • Liliana Wells Liliana Wells on Jan 01, 2014
    Definitely hang them, especially a mop, because when damp can develop mildew and odor. I like Val's idea too. There are several hook options at Home Depot too.

  • Carole Carole on Jan 01, 2014
    Use wall mounted racks to hang all the long handled and loose odds and ends. You won't regret it!

  • Tina H Tina H on Jan 01, 2014
    I use pegboard on the back and sides of my broom closet. Hang bins and shelves above for cleaning rags, solutions, etc. Below that are the hooks for the brooms, mops, etc and that leaves space on the floor for pails, etc. While my broom closet looks to be slightly larger than yours, the extra space I gained has made it seem even larger!

  • Barb Barb on Jan 05, 2015
    Your dust brush and pan (is that what you call them in US?) is very bulky. I'd get rid of that and get one that can be hugneatly. I know it's wasteful but might make it easier to keep the whole lot neat.

  • Lillian Tremblay Lillian Tremblay on Jan 06, 2015
    a narrow laundry basket will fit nicely in there and then the brooms mops etc will fit in nicely - mine is in the hall entrance hidden nicely to the summer I keep umbrellas in there and a pair of rubber boots found their way to the bottom! Helps keep the broom from tipping over! the hose is wrapped on a hangar that came with it for easy access.

  • Wanda Godwin Sellers Wanda Godwin Sellers on Jan 19, 2015
    I have all mine hanging on hooks and then you can use the floor for other things and you can also add a shelf above your hangers.

  • JustSue JustSue on Jun 07, 2015
    You can hang them all upside down on the surrounding walls with hooks, or pegs for the wide ones. It looks better and will keep the area neat - with room for items that need to stay on the floor (vacuum, buckets, etc) if necessary.

  • Debi53 Debi53 on Jun 07, 2015
    Like so many others have said, use some method for hanging everything. I am going to offer just one additional suggestion: Because your closet appears to be very narrow, you still might have the handles in your way when you try to get something (like you vacumn) off the floor. A simple way to keep the handles secure to the wall is to screw a cup hook in the wall a little beyond the outside handles. Hook a short bungee cord onto the cup hooks. I do this around my ironing board & long vacuum hose that I have hanging on closet doors. Simple to hook & unhook & keeps things from moving around.

  • Bet6628341 Bet6628341 on May 30, 2016
    you can buy broom clips at any hard ware store Ikea have really cool stands for vacuum cleaners.