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Hey there Folks,i have a Few Winter Coats and was Wondering if there Any Tips on How to Store them When Not in Use? just thought I'd ask because this is an Awesome Forum. Thanks For Looking. Dan

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  • Flipturn Flipturn on Dec 18, 2017
    Thanks for the positive comment. 'Great to have you aboard!

    Storing Winter Coats:
    1. At the end of the season, check the coat over, outside and inside for any rips, tears in the pockets, loose buttons or tabs, and repair, or ask someone who is handy with hand sewing.
    2. Get the coat drycleaned. If it is still in good enough condition, and if you are planning to wear it again next winter, it is worth it to spend this money on maintenance. If an item of clothing is stored without first being cleaned, any stains will become set in the fibres, and the fabric will begin to take on an odour anywhere it was in contact with skin, pets, food, etc.
    3. Hang up on a heavy weight hangar (thick rounded plastic, or wooden) the right size to support the weight of the coat. Do not hang on thin wire hangars. The fabric weight of a winter coat is too heavy for the strength of a wire hangar, and it will pull the coat down causing distortion in the garment. If there is any padding or filling in the shoulder areas, it will also be pulled down due to gravity.
    4. Store where there is a minimum of air flow, where the garments are not squashed against each other. Especially if there is any natural fibre content- wool, leather, cotton, etc. the garment needs to breathe. Do not store covered with plastic for this reason.
    5. If the coats are stored in an open area or open rack, not in a closet ,to prevent build up of dust, cover lightly with unused sheets, leaving the bottoms open for air flow.

  • Even living in sunny Southern California, I have a closet full of coats. For the good quality wool, suede and leather items, I purchased fabric garment bags for them so they do not get dusty for the few random times a year I actually wear them. Even plastic dry cleaners bags or a trash bags turned upside down will work in a pinch. I do recommend cedar blocks if moths are an issue. The other stuff is all wash and wear and easily laundered quickly enough if I need to wear them. I also have 2 Irish wool pieces that my ex hubby gave me (after we were divorced) that I know he paid a small fortune for on his trips to Ireland that are kept in plastic zip lock bags in my garage freezer. Yes, my freezer, along with a bottle of Jagermeister that I always forget I have! Always have the garments cleaned before storing for the season. Hope this helps!

  • Dfm Dfm on Dec 18, 2017
    you can wash down coats in your washing machine. you can get a down wash water proofing wash in product. always clean your coats before storing, and never store in plastic. cloth covers breath

  • Hillela G. Hillela G. on Dec 19, 2017
    How about vacuum sealing them for storage so that they take up less space