How can I organize a closet that is 90” high, 28 “ deep and 72 “

We live in an apartment and we really need to use all of this space

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  • Cheryl A Cheryl A on Jun 13, 2018

    Nov 3, 2015 - Let a professional organizer show you how to store all your clothes, shoes and ... It's tempting to see a big, blank wall and sacrifice it to a closet without ... Tip: Hang the top rod highenough so you have enough space between ...
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    Our closet organizers are either 84” tall or 90tall. Step #2 – Measure ... A: 72wide closet. If your space is 72wide, here are just a few of the options you have:.
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  • Ken Ken on Jun 13, 2018
    Depends entirely on what goes in the closet. I have had success using a closet organizer kit that has shelves and hanging rods. They are flexible in setup so you can allow the space you need for long or short hanging things and things that need to go on a shelf. You can also change them after installation since all of the fixtures attach to a hanging bar. Home Depot sells Closet Maid and individual pieces are available so you can customize your closet later as your needs change.

  • Diana Deiley Diana Deiley on Jun 13, 2018
    Double poles will provide lots of hanging space. You might want to add a shelf over the top pole for storage of boxes, etc. Best of luck.

  • Franklinrawley Franklinrawley on Jun 13, 2018
    try the wire structures that Lowes and Home Depot sell. they have great prices from time to time, and they do offer some great advice too.

  • Sharon Sharon on Jun 13, 2018
    I agree with Diana, a double rod closet adds much more hanging space. I usually move the top shelf up a bit, so the top and bottom rod fits the hanging clothes. You can also add a verticle 12x 1 board from the top shelf to the floor (add 1 2x4 at the shelf and floor to fasten it too) to make an area for hanging coats and dresses. Then you can fasten the rods to the verticle board and the side of the closet on 1x 3 boards with hardware. I use those plastic crates on the top shelf for out season clothes folded in them to free up the closet. I have also used those canvas/nylon storage hanging organizers that fasten on the rod for space for folded sweaters and have 2 shoe organizers in one of my closets.