I have a 24x30 mirror and a window. I need it for jewelry...

I‘ve seen screen over mirror and framed... to hang jewelry, but don’t know where to start.

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  • Ton6108226 Ton6108226 on Jun 28, 2018
    Do you use Pinterest? There will be a plethora of ideas on there.

    For my home, I found a used louvered window shutter and hung jewelry on it using the small hooks used for Christmas bulbs.

  • Joann Gonnella Cope Joann Gonnella Cope on Jun 28, 2018
    if the window or mirror has a wood frame then you need a metal snips to cut the screen, and a staple gun to attach. cut the screen to about 1-2 inches larger than the window/frame and put the frame face down on the screen. wrap the screen to the back and staple in place. place one staple in the screen on each side of the frame pulling tight and work from there out to the corners keeping the screen pulled tight. when you get to the corners fold like wrapping a present and staple to the frame, you can cut off the excess screen after.

  • Nancy Turner Nancy Turner on Jun 28, 2018
    First find a frame, or the window, that suits your décor and is the right size for your mirror. Bend the screen over all four edges to fit the mirror. I would staple or tack the screen to the back of the frame to keep it secure. Another way you can get hanging jewelry storage is to put cork squares in frames and use the colored plastic headed tacks to hang necklaces and bracelets, earrings, etc. For post earrings, you can put the backs all the way to earring and push the posts into the cork. I hope this helps!