I need extra storage in my bedroom- ideas?

It's our tv stand and book shelf. I don't know how to accomplish making it useful but clean looking

q i need extra storage in my bedroom
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  • KimH KimH on Mar 27, 2017
    ok; is it solid wood? IS it your piece, or is it built into a house you are renting? Before doing any of the following suggestions, if you are renting, and it is a built in, except for scrubbing it down, obtain permission before doing any of the following suggestions: If it is solid wood, how about consider unloading it and scrubbing it down with Dawn * a teaspoon ( or more)* in a 5 gallon bucket filled with warm water and use a metal pot scrubber to scrub the wood down to freshen it up from acculmulated dust and debris ( its amazing what shelving will pic up from accumulated dust and stuffies floating in the air) ' or perhaps sanding it down and restaining it a lighter color, or sanding it down and re-applying a fresh coat of the color you have on it and then a good sealant that will last for years, to spruce it up; and last. but not least, sand it down and paint it up in a single refreshing color or use several colors from the sample paints rack for painting each cubby a different color, or a few different colors...you know, one color for the back, a different color for pone side, and a different color for the other, different one for the bottom.. ect; let your inner whimsy out...*LOL*...and find or create a bead curtain that matches the dimensions of the shelving unit, and put over the front; no doors or curtains to fuss with while looking for something...I think there are also string curtains you can get in solid colors that would work...tho if you have a cat, that might be way too tempting; as for re-arranging, determine what you REALLY want in it; this looks like it might be your spot to store your literature on creativity; since it looks like you have one spot that is given over to some small storage containers that can actually hold the books I see stacked in other cubbies, pull those items out ( and the can of spray paint) and put them into a clear sided tote or one of those 3 drawer plastic roll arounds with the wheels on them, and then straighten the books/notebooks out into like categories so that you can find the literature you want with little effort...if this is, like, pressed wood/particle board stuff you get from Wal-Mart or Ikea, then just go wit the painting solution; just wipe it all down and paint, then re-arrange...n=hope this gives you a starting point!

    • Bbunny42 Bbunny42 on Mar 27, 2017
      Wow! Some good ideas here! All I have to add is to suggest a product called Grime Boss (Home Depot). These are wipes with a smooth side and a little rougher side and they will remove grime and dirt like you wouldn't believe. Caution, though, because the scrubber side removed lacquer from some old sturdy chairs I got at a used furniture store. But the chairs looked much better. Might want to test in a less visible spot or you could just use the smooth side. They do clean well.

  • Kay Lilland Kay Lilland on Mar 27, 2017
    move some of these book elsewhere, put some shelves on another wall, you can find ideas elsewhere on Hometalk. Use wide washi tape or rolls of veneer to edge all the front of bookcase. Cut cardboard (Amazon?) boxes to fit the back of each shelf, cover that with fabric and push it into the back of shelf behind books and brighten the landscape.

    • Sharon Sharon on Apr 03, 2017
      Definitely looks like you need some color....lotta brown going on there. I've done a bookcase back using pieces of foam core, and contact paper to shove in the back. Then try sorting the books into topics and laying down and stacking on top of each other, Add a nick nack or two for personality.

  • 7218805 7218805 on Mar 28, 2017
    All great ideas particularly purging some of that literature into storage...google "styling shelving" for ideas using more interesting items to break the monontony of simply books. I do, however, urge you not to use any hippie beads...;)

  • Anna Anima Mundi Anna Anima Mundi on Mar 28, 2017
    If you purge some of those books, it would free up enough space in one of the top cubes to drill some holes and run that electronics (the thing on the dresser) into one of the top cubes - cords can go behind it.

  • Pamela Pamela on Mar 28, 2017
    Great suggestions. Thanks so much.

  • Kathie Kathie on Mar 29, 2017
    We have picture rails in our house. As we have an excess of books (hobbies and interests take up a lot of space) and not enough space for any more book shelves, we put some shelves up resting the wood on the picture rail and adding brackets for support.

  • Alice White Alice White on Apr 01, 2017
    Organizing what you have on the bookshelf may help. Start looking at Ikea for storage units. Many are cheap and affordable. You can't beat a Billy bookshelf. You maybe be able to incorporate other stuff as well such as TV and computer. I just helped a friend clean up her craft room with an great IKEA desk. We live 2 hours from IKEA but rent a van and pick up what we need. Only costs about $100. Be sure to spend time on the floor to look at ideas. Go during the week when it's not so crowded.

    Another idea is pinterest. Type in book storage and see what they come up with.

  • Alice White Alice White on Apr 01, 2017
    Another thought is baskets in the slots.

  • Beverly Cone Beverly Cone on Apr 01, 2017
    Whenever I need to repurpose something, I take everything out of the shelving or cabinet. And yes, clean clean clean. I would paint the back of the cubbies one color and the rest a different color, but only one. Otherwise for me it gets too busy, chaotic..
    Purge, recycle, donate anything you haven't looked at or used in the last 6 months or a year.
    There are lots of ways to replace things that are attractive, books on their side, book covers that are the same,( hand made paper looks beautiful) a few pretties to add interest.
    For things that you need to keep close, and aren't pretty, Ikea storage containers are great as several others have suggested. If those don't fit, go to Michael's and get matching covered lidded boxes. They have some very pretty ones. Label label label. I would consider putting rope lights around the front underneath the top of the cupboard.

    Group like with like which makes it easier to find what you are looking for. If I needed a front closure, I might consider fabric on tension rods. Easy to take out and put back. Maybe this is the opportunity to revamp your bedding. buy an extra twin sheet to cut up and use. Either hem with a machine or use liquid stitch to hem. Braiding or trim? And have fun. It is your place. Make it what you want to look at. My rule is that if something I see doesn't make me smile, out it goes. OR gets hidden.

  • Inetia Inetia on Apr 02, 2017
    You can lay two or three large books, one on top of the other, on a table under a lamp. Books can be used this way any where to add height to any table decor. You can décopodge or cover shoe boxes with a medium of your choice to hold keepers that you consider clutter. They can be stacked any where including on top of tall bookshelves where space is usually wasted. If you're really desperate for storage, a garbage can, a wooden or glass round and a table skirt makes a storage table for seasonal things. The table skirt can match the storage boxes. Vintage suitcases make storage tables too. Stack two detergent buckets with a skirt or other camoflauge for a storage plant stand or bedside table. Over the door hooks for hats scarves etc. And the obvious, under the bed storage boxes.

  • Pamela chattergoon Pamela chattergoon on Apr 02, 2017
    You could get rid of the bookcase. Buy 2 or 3 kitchen base cabinets (they hold a lot). Put a piece of countertop across them. Put TV on top of countertop and if you have enough room you could put a kitchen wall cabinet on top of the countertop. You can get these cheap at one of the habit stores used. It will look near and clean and provide tons of storage.

  • Diana Deiley Diana Deiley on Apr 12, 2017
    I'd donate unwanted books, stack remaining books by height, heavy books on the bottom shelves for safety reasons. Group like items (plastic, etc.) on other shelves, remove those spray cans completely. No reason why it can't become a well organized unit displaying your precious items. Best of luck.

  • Linda Linda on Apr 18, 2017
    Some great ideas here! Also, I would move the mirror so that you are reflecting something pretty, not books and shelves and electronics....maybe a window, or a neatly made bed. That will make a real difference in the looks of things. Also, you could convert an antique wardrobe by adding shelves inside to store your TV/electronics/books/etc. All behind closed doors. The effect would be more calming. Also, electronics have been known for interfering with sleep so you may want to think about removing them from the bedroom, if at all possible.
    Hope you find just the right solution for you!

  • Dfm Dfm on Apr 24, 2017
    the books, there are websites for those..... freebookspot, free magspot project Gutenberg many more out there.

  • Inetia Inetia on Apr 26, 2017
    Over-the-door shoe bags for odds and ends or over the door coat racks. These can be used on the closet or the bedroom door. Attach a coat rack on the wall behind the bedroom door for hats and scarves. Plastic drawers under the clothes in the closet.