Organize your hats with shower hooks

Hang all of your hats on $1 shower hooks from the Dollar Store. Get tutorial here

Keep your camis on one hanger in the closet

Keep all your tank tops and camisoles "neat" by hanging them all together on one hanger. Get tutorial here

Use trays to make cluttered piles look pretty

Piles of jewelry & accessories can immediately look organized if you keep them on pretty trays & patters. Get tutorial here

Hide messy charging cords while they work

Drill a hole through the back of your nightstand , to charge electronics without creating clutter. Get tutorial here

Add drawers under your bed to hide shoes

Slide a couple of drawers under your bed to add a helpful hiding place for junk. Get tutorial here

Stuff stray clothes & clutter in pretty boxes

Cover boxes with fabric. so that you have plenty of pretty bins to hide the mess within. Get tutorial here

Throw a blanket & throw pillows over bed mess

Leave crumpled sheets and unfolded pj's on the bed, and just toss on your blanket & pillows. Get tutorial here

Pack small items into a wall organizer

Hang an organizer on your wall to stow away small items - make this one with a pallet. Get tutorial here

Use a bold headboard to distract the eye

No one will be able to find any messes if their eyes are stuck on a beauty like THIS. Get tutorial here

Use string lights to give the space soft glow

A messy room looks x100 worse in bright light. Use string lights for a gentler glow. Get tutorial here

Disguise your hanging wall clutter as art

If your wall storage is getting out of hand, surround it with art to disguise it. Get tutorial here

If you have a bed canopy, close the curtains

For a quick fake cleaning, throw laundry or clutter on your bed and pull your canopy closed. Get tutorial here

Organize your closet by general color areas

Your closet will automatically look much cleaner, if you color code each section. Get tutorial here