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This looks more like a store than a closet. I think someone can love shoes this much though. From extravagant to simple, this amazing shoe collection rests on great shoe racks. Shoes are usally all over the place. Finding the appropiate storage solution makes yourt closet space more enjoyable. Mine definetly needs a smaller version of this design.

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  • ...I prefer my shoes to be wrapped in acid free tissue paper, then stored in a box. This keeps them dust free , and I label my shoe boxes. I have a pair of shoes from....1993.. Yep, purple suede, they still fit, are still in style and look almost new..from keeping them in a strorage box for shoes.
  • ...although, for my everyday sandals and tennis shoes...I had similar shelves to those in the photo. Slanted shelves inside a very sturdy frame, for the everyday shoes. :)