Tension Rod Shoe Storage

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Shoe lover? I certainly am, but living in Brooklyn with limited space can sometimes cause chaos in the closet. An easy way to organize your shoes is with some tension rods! Tension rods are honestly a staple in organization these days and this hack is no exception. By simply installing some tension rods in your closet you can rest your shoes in an orderly fashion easily.

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SUPPLIES: -Tension Rods (As many as needed...)

STEP 1: Take note of how terribly disorganized your closet is so that you can marvel at it when you are done. *This before picture is such a mess. This is also only some of my shoes hehe....

STEP 2: Take a tension rod and fit it to the sides of the closet. I got these tensions rods on Amazon and they worked beautifully. If you have some tension rods lying around your home (they're quite handy), you can just use those.

STEP 3: Take the tension rod out and pull out an extra inch from the size you measured in step 2. Twist the rod into a locked position so that it is nice and sturdy.

STEP 4: Place your tension rod in the closet close to the wall. Repeat steps 2-4 with as many rods as needed.

STEP 5: Now grab some shoes and start stacking them onto the rods. *Because most of my shoes have a nice chunky heel they are able to balance on one rod. If you have more delicate shoes they may have a tendency to fall through the back. If this is the case you can buy the thinner rods and double up. Basically you would place 2 small rods next to each other almost creating a shelf for the shoes to rest on. For heels you can do them slightly offset so the heel rests on the back rod and the toe on the front. For the shoes I was storing all I needed was the standard rods, but I may have to alter it for some of my other shoes.

STEP 6: Take a step back and revel at how much simpler your life just became.

As you can see the heftiness of my shoes made them capable of staying on one rod, but two would certainly give them more stability.

Now I have all this great floor space to store other things... like more shoes :)

I can actually see my options now! Got to love getting organized!

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  • Heather Cooke Heather Cooke on Jan 07, 2017
    I need a place to hang scarves on the back of a door, any ideas?

    • MaryRay BK MaryRay BK on Jan 07, 2017
      Wreath hanger

    • Silvia Silvia on Jan 07, 2017
      Hang one of those see thru zipped clothes bag, with a scarf holder on the inside.

    • Carol Mensch McAlpine Carol Mensch McAlpine on Jan 07, 2017
      I use S hooks on a slatted closet door. Or an over the door hook rack.

    • Mpk3291921 Mpk3291921 on Jan 07, 2017
      Buy a $1.00 store kitchen cooling rack and hook it to your closet door. Good for necklaces, scarves abd belts.

    • Shannon LeVan Shannon LeVan on Jan 07, 2017
      Use key rings to hang each scarf and then hook the key rings on a command hook or over the door hanger

    • Michelle Michelle on Jan 07, 2017
      I have curtain rods on the back of bedroom door for pants could work for scarves

    • Lynn Christopher Beaujon Lynn Christopher Beaujon on Jan 07, 2017
      Men's "behind the door tie rack" works great!

    • Doo16220026 Doo16220026 on Jan 07, 2017
      I take shower curtain hooks and put them on a close hanger. Then just thread my scarves through them. I can hang them on a hook on the back of the door or even in my closet with my clothes.

    • Doo16220026 Doo16220026 on Jan 07, 2017
      * Clothes hanger

    • Mikkigirl Mikkigirl on Jan 07, 2017
      I use shower curtain rings on a hanger, with a hook that swivels. Can hang your scarves most anywhere 😊

    • Sandee Bishman Sandee Bishman on Jan 07, 2017
      Use command hooks to place a small curtain rod on and place scarves on it, you'll be able to see them or use rings on the rod. Or you could hang a plastic shoe holder on the inside of the door and store many other items as well. Good luck and Happy New Year!!!

    • Sandra Ulrich Sandra Ulrich on Jan 07, 2017
      Use a metal wreath form. They have multiple layers so that decorative material can be 'stuffed' in, but instead neatly put your scarves in. I fold the scarf first (short ends together) and put the folded edge into the area so the ends of the scarf show.

    • Fran Friedman Fran Friedman on Jan 07, 2017
      Metal shower curtain rings from the dollar store can be used to hang anything from brooms to scarves off of hooks, hangers, towel racks etc. Also hanger clips and binder clips can be used for small items.

    • Dianne Dianne on Jan 07, 2017
      One of those pants hangers for 3 or 4 pairs of pants. Each rack swings out for easy selection, and mine is rubber coated, so the scarves don't slip.

    • Thalia Verganelis Thalia Verganelis on Jan 07, 2017
      As Dianne wrote above......but.....I use 'fuzzy' pants hangers.....no slipping off !

    • Terri Terri on Jan 07, 2017
      Try using document clips. Small for silky scarves and escalate to larger for heavyweight. Thread curtain rods, tension rods whatever through them. Use tissue on the silky ones to prevent a pinch-crease

    • Palmer Palmer on Jan 07, 2017
      As Thalia wrote above, those fuzzy hangers work well and one might also find pants hangers that have four fuzzy rods in one large hanger that can hold 4-8 scarves folded on each of the four... Voila!!

    • Karen Karen on Jan 07, 2017
      They actually make scarf holders in decorative shapes with holes In them....I have a butterfly and an owl....They are acrylic and can be hung on your closet rod with clothes or by themselves on wall. Cute and inexpensive! Ross for about $5.

    • Jen Jen on Jan 07, 2017
      I have an antique coat trees, one for scarves and one for my many purses.

    • Tu Tu on Dec 13, 2017
      What about an over the door rack for hanging clothes?

  • MAYA MAYA on Jan 07, 2017
    How does gravity not allow the shoes to fall backwards into big messy piles?

    • Mommom Mommom on Jan 07, 2017
      They're up against the wall. But as she said, two rods would give them more stability. Nice, inexpensive idea.

    • Margaret E Margaret E on Jan 07, 2017
      The rods are placed out from the wall according to the size of the shoes - the heel of the shoes rests against the back of the closet; the toe of the shoe balances on the rod. I.e, one with larger shoes will place the rods further from the wall than a person with tiny little size 6 shoes.

    • Edn7589645 Edn7589645 on Jan 07, 2017
      If the shoe owner prefers to throw their shoes into the closet instead of placing them onto the rods .... then this probably wouldn't work for them

    • Liz Liz on Jan 07, 2017
      If they prefer to throw the in, they would have never invested time and money to put the rods up.

  • Victoria Victoria on Jan 07, 2017
    Any clever ideas for storing/ hanging belts?

    • Sharron Sharron on Jan 07, 2017
      Cup hooks! Or Champlain hooks and they don't mess up your walls.

    • Linda Linda on Jan 07, 2017
      You can buy a circular hanger that is open-ended on one side. You can put dozens of belts on it and hang in your closet. Only takes up the space of one hangar! Can get them at walmart, dollar general, etc.

    • Dma16156615 Dma16156615 on Jan 07, 2017
      I used an over the door coat rack for belts and scarves

    • Dma16156615 Dma16156615 on Jan 07, 2017
      I used an over the door coat rack for belts and scarves

    • Donna Marie Donna Marie on Jan 07, 2017
      I loop mine over a hanger. Just thread the end through the buckle.

    • Melissa Melissa on Jan 07, 2017
      Use an accordion style coat rack that hangs on the wall. Use for scarfs, purses and belts

    • Carolyn Mackey Carolyn Mackey on Jan 07, 2017
      Get a wooden hanger and put cup hooks down each shoulder. It should hold up to each 10 down each depending. On how far apart you need them for the width of your buckels This will only take the space of 1 hanger

    • Jana Jana on Jan 07, 2017
      I got wooden hanger (had plastic previously, but they bowed!) put shower curtain rings (I got 12 packs for .97 at Walmart) then just loop my scarves through. I use the open ended hanger for belts.

    • Ronda Torbic Ronda Torbic on Jan 07, 2017
      I also use shower curtain rings on a hanger. I like the big plastic rings that you have to push to close except I do not close them. I do this for tank tops also. It let me free up a whole drawer. It's easier than a circular hanger,because you don't need to remove anything hanging in front of an item you want to wear. I love it because is is so quick and easy.

    • Victoria Victoria on Jan 16, 2017
      Thank you to everyone for your clever ideas regarding belt storage. I appreciate your time and willingness to share your tried and true solutions!

  • Jaejae Jaejae on Jan 07, 2017
    How do you get them to stay on the rod like that?

    • Elaine Torres Elaine Torres on Jan 07, 2017
      She explains in step 5. . . Only shoes with a chunky heal work.

    • Suz9553630 Suz9553630 on Jan 07, 2017
      you could do 2 parallel bars...one toward the back and then one maybe 6 inches in front depinding your shoe size...then nothing would fall off

    • Pam Cooper Pam Cooper on Jan 07, 2017
      READ Step 5 INCLUDING this---- *Because most of my shoes have a nice chunky heel they are able to balance on one rod. If you have more delicate shoes they may have a tendency to fall through the back. If this is the case you can buy the thinner rods and double up. Basically you would place 2 small rods next to each other almost creating a shelf for the shoes to rest on. For heels you can do them slightly offset so the heel rests on the back rod and the toe on the front. For the shoes I was storing all I needed was the standard rods, but I may have to alter it for some of my other shoes.

    • Kay Kay on Jan 07, 2017
      I would put flats on floor and use two rods each level with the back rod slightly higher.

    • Lauri Arntsen Lauri Arntsen on Jan 07, 2017
      An old ladder can work in a similar fashion...

    • Jaejae Jaejae on Jan 07, 2017
      Oh, ok, I guess I missed step 5. It's a nifty idea, just won't work for me. Maybe I can replace rods with wooden slats. Thanks all.

    • Lynn Potocki Lynn Potocki on Jan 08, 2017
      Be careful when putting rods up on dry wall that you do not go CRAZY making the rods super tight. Do not want to put hole in dry wall. Just saying...LOL

  • Diana Lorimer Diana Lorimer on Jan 07, 2017
    where will you hang your dresses and shirts except to fold everything?

    • Dar12623646 Dar12623646 on Jan 07, 2017
      It is only heels width or a little more from the wall. Clothes can hang right on the rod up to the shoes. As pictured a shelf can go above. If your last rod is not too close the the floor bins could go there and pull out like a drawer to store more shoes, sweaters, out of season clothes etc.

    • Jrh2656521 Jrh2656521 on Jan 07, 2017
      Thank you for sharing. Much appreciated.

    • Maria Maria on Jan 07, 2017
      I will put near bottom 3 feet of my closet.

    • Diana Lorimer Diana Lorimer on Jan 07, 2017
      thank you for explaining

  • Patio200 Patio200 on Jan 07, 2017
    what size shoe do you wear? they look too large for one rod.

  • Totati Totati on Jan 07, 2017
    So the shoes are held only by the rod? There is no shelf to support them? Sorry but it feels to me that they can fall.

    • Sue Freese Kieffer Sue Freese Kieffer on Jan 07, 2017
      If you place the rod close enough to the wall, the shoe is propped against the wall and then rested on the bar

    • That Girl! That Girl! on Jan 07, 2017
      And if you don't feel comfortable with them being supported with just one rod, just add a second rod between the first rod and the wall. Just leave enough room for the toes to fit over for balance. The second rod could be a lighter weight. That's what I plan to do as I don't want the toes of my shoes touching my wall. This is an excellent idea.

    • Jan6076833 Jan6076833 on Jan 07, 2017
      You have some of the best ideas in this site. Some of the questions asked seem to be postured as criticisms when they have a common sense solution. I have used so many of your ideas. Keep up the great work!

    • Helene Beadman Helene Beadman on Jan 07, 2017
      Being creative and talented as you are is a gift. You have great ideas and so functional. Thank you for your inspiration....never give up on your unique btalents..cheers and the very best in the new year..xo

    • JoLeen Bolton JoLeen Bolton on Jan 07, 2017
      Such a good idea! For those of us on a very limited budget, we could cut a board to size, add side supports, and basically have narrow shelves at the end of the closet like you show. Tension rods would be easier to install, for sure, but sometimes you can buy one board the width you want to make several shelves for less than the rods. Just another thought, absolutely not a criticism! Thanks for the light bulb moment!

    • Totati Totati on Jan 07, 2017
      To respond to the persons who mentioned criticisms - my comment was not a critique. I found the solution very creative and wanted to make sure I understood how it was done.

    • Kat8999933 Kat8999933 on Jan 07, 2017
      What a wonderful idea I am always looking to make more room

  • Willow Willow on Jan 07, 2017
    why not hook heals over rod?

    • Joanne Michael Joanne Michael on Jan 07, 2017
      The weight of the shoes pulls the tension rod down; all fall down.

    • Jet Jet on Jan 07, 2017
      Increase the tension

    • Carol Carol on Jan 07, 2017
      Look at her shoes - most of them have flat soles and very little or no heels.

    • Launa Elaine Strickland Launa Elaine Strickland on Jan 07, 2017
      This seems to work. Why do it differently?

    • Sandra K Cahill Sandra K Cahill on Jan 07, 2017
      Tension rods when done correctly are pretty sturdy and hold more weight than you think. Especially shoes! You can always incorporate a block of wood under the tension rods if you're insecure about their holding ability. Just make sure to get the blocks into the studs because otherwise you'll just be drilling holes into your wall with no support.

    • Willow Willow on Jan 07, 2017
      I am not the one who said the weight of heeled shoes will pull the rod dow, in fact, IMO high heeled shoes are usually light-weight. I was just suggesting hang them by the heel - you won't need an extra piece of wood for the toe end.

    • Amanda C, Hometalk Team Amanda C, Hometalk Team on Jan 09, 2017
      I found that the weight of the toe on a smaller heeled shoe would cause the shoe to flip forward and off of the rod. This is why I suggested putting your tiny heeled shoes to rest on 2 rods versus one... You may find that one works for you and if so then go for it, but with the rods I had one wasn't working for those sort of heels.

  • Barbara42 Barbara42 on Jan 07, 2017
    How do you see your shoes when you have clothes on the rod?

    • Jen Jen on Jan 07, 2017
      What??? Clothes on what rod?

    • Barbara42 Barbara42 on Jan 07, 2017
      This looks like one end of my closet, but the clothes rod runs the other direction and has clothes that would prevent me from seeing all my shoes

    • Alfonso Gomez Alfonso Gomez on Jan 07, 2017
      There is a shelf and the clothes are folded on that shelf. Nothing is hanging down.

    • Arlene Shanaberger Arlene Shanaberger on Jan 08, 2017
      In my decluttering I was just getting ready to toss half a dozen tension rods...now they have new purpose...

    • Amanda C, Hometalk Team Amanda C, Hometalk Team on Jan 09, 2017
      That closet isn't used for clothing outside of sweaters. That rod is there, but hasn't been used to hang clothing on for some time....

  • Linda Linda on Jan 07, 2017
    So where's your hanging clothes ?

    • Linda Kuroski Linda Kuroski on Jan 07, 2017
      They are probably above the shelf you see above the 1st rod of shoes.

    • Amanda C, Hometalk Team Amanda C, Hometalk Team on Jan 09, 2017
      I actually have them hanging in another area, but whatever works with the closet space you have!

    • Rita giordano Rita giordano on May 21, 2017
      Great idea Amanda, I also got a good laugh from the comments.

  • Glenn Moore Glenn Moore on Jan 08, 2017
    Hate to be a killjoy but be sure the rods are at least 6" from the wall to prevent children from strangulation. Similar to that required for stair balusters.

    • Laura Laura on Jan 08, 2017
      ...unless you don't like your children!

    • Francine zielaskiewicz Francine zielaskiewicz on Jan 09, 2017
      Really....keep your kids out of you closet...

    • Pat Kovar Pat Kovar on Jan 09, 2017
      kids are always attracted to small cozy spaces they are not suppose to be in. thank you Glenn M for that really awesome observation.

    • Forestine Jackson Forestine Jackson on Jan 09, 2017
      I like this idea! I don't have any small children around and whenever family members come with them, they are not aloud to roam the house alone.

    • Ilene-Rachel Ilene-Rachel on Jan 10, 2017
      Isn't it more like keep them 6" or less? It's when they're wide enough apart for a child to squeeze it's head in (but not that much wider than that) that it becomes dangerous.

    • J Elaine Baker J Elaine Baker on Jan 13, 2017
      Tension rods easily come away so a head stuck between them is ludicrous ... cannot happen! The rod would come away too quickly.

    • Marcia Marcia on Jan 13, 2017
      Good grief. Don't let them get out of bed in the morning. It's safer that way.

    • Marie R Marie R on Jan 16, 2017

    • Swinnen Lisette Swinnen Lisette on May 21, 2017
      When we were children, we survived all right !. It is like my friend warning me that the stovepipe above my woodstove should be insulated because of children might touch them...What about my woodstove then? If children burn themselves more than once they are ready to be confined in a state facility.. Do you see children playing in a shoe closet? If they do, time to close the door, turn the key and put the key somewhere safe..Especially avoid all bad experiences to children, they might learn a thing or two

    • Jeanne Martin Jeanne Martin on May 21, 2017
      Geez...I'm with Marcia! I guess some people need to put their kids in a bubble! If they are young and small enough to get strangled at floor level they should never be unsupervised.

  • Teresa Yarber Hood Teresa Yarber Hood on Jan 10, 2017
    since the rods were placed exactly where the shelves had been... why not just use the shelves instead?

    • Amanda C, Hometalk Team Amanda C, Hometalk Team on Jan 10, 2017
      The shelves were missing. I live in an apartment and there had only been brackets there before. Plus for those who don't have shelves it's a great option.

    • NancyMaria NancyMaria on Jan 12, 2017
      if you want shelves just double the tension rods and put boards on top.

    • Jewellmartin Jewellmartin on May 21, 2017
      My husband's side of our walkin closet has built in shoe racks. Does he use them? He has at least 14 pairs of shoes. Only the ones he doesn't wear stay on the racks. The others are stacked and strewn on his floor. I own three pairs of shoes, including one in my favorite color, but it arrived in the wrong size. One pair rests on the floor at the end of our bed. This pair serves as my useful servants, day or night. The other pair serves as beach shoes. I have simple needs in shoes. Lol. I would find shelves for your lower closet braces and stack my winter sweatshirts there. And my shoes on the floor under them. Best wishes 😇

  • Hdd17495180 Hdd17495180 on Jan 28, 2017
    great idea! Does the weight of the shoes & boots cause the rods to slide down?

  • Bren Bren on May 21, 2017
    Dumb question...What keeps the shoes up ? Do they rest against the wall ?

    • Virginia Virginia on May 21, 2017

    • Amanda D Amanda D on May 21, 2017
      I wondered for a second too, but looking at the pics more closely, I could see. LOVE this idea, an older home with odd size closets, this is perfect!! Thank you!!

    • Bren Bren on May 21, 2017
      I'm sorry......see what ?

    • Carol Jordan Carol Jordan on May 21, 2017
      Bren - that the shoes are sitting on top of the rods and leaning against the wall. That's what keeps the shoes up. See Step 5 of the instructions.

    • Denise Denise on Jun 28, 2017
      Bren, if you want to move the shoes away from the wall to hand your shoes, you can use 2 tension rods per row.

    • Sandra Sandra on Jun 28, 2017
      Velcro self adhesive tape, comes in basic colors. Good little pieces too.

  • MJ MJ on May 21, 2017
    Not a question but a suggestion. If you turn the 2nd shoe the other way it gives you more room. Saw this once & it works.

    • Eileen Eileen on Jun 28, 2017
      Thats a great idea, MJ!!

    • Sandra Sandra on Jun 28, 2017
      Yes, but some heels can be ornery 😉

    • JoAnn Utter JoAnn Utter on Mar 28, 2018

      Question: why are u keeping some single shoes without partners?

    • Maggie Kimble-Bernard Maggie Kimble-Bernard on Mar 28, 2018

      JJOann, look closer, those are slipper-type sandals, one slid into the other. ;)

    • Mcc26344203 Mcc26344203 on Mar 28, 2018


      Those black and gold shoes on the end are intertwined together, not single shoes.

    • Gill Martin Gill Martin on Mar 28, 2018

      Must admit I like to keep my shoes in clear boxes that stack -- after realising at an evening meeting that I had been wearing one navy and one dark green shoe ALL DAY [ no-one commented either!]

  • Julie Cameron Julie Cameron on May 22, 2017
    Would this be good for renters, can the rods be removed if you need to move house?

    • Debbie Debbie on May 22, 2017
      Yes you can. You would need to lessen the tension on the rod and remove. Tension rods are a great invention as their application is endless. I used one under my sink to hang various spray bottles container cleaners.

    • Denise Denise on Jun 28, 2017
      Absolutely great for renters. These rods are spring tension rods. Just unwind/unscrew them take them down and take them with you.

    • Terri Terri on Jun 28, 2017
      Yes, these kinds of rods are removeable. Perfect solution for renters.

    • Ellen Anolik Ellen Anolik on Mar 28, 2018

      I think it would be easier to move the rods than the house! LOL. Jk😄

    • Shuganne Shuganne on Feb 02, 2019

      Good one, Ellen!

      (But on further thought, could this be a colloquialism, like I might say, change clothes?)

      Julie, the laws generally say that if you attach it to the apartment, it stays, like light fixtures, or the wood strips on the sides of Amanda's closet. The wood was nailed in; it stayed. The shelves resting on top were removable. They were picked up and carried away by a previous tenant. With tension rods, I usually just push up and the rod comes free. Or, you could grab each end of the rod and twist them counterclockwise to loosen the spring inside and lift it away.

  • Spartychic Spartychic on Mar 28, 2018

    I'm looking for shoe storage options also. However I don't get how the back of the shoes don't fall through, what is supporting them? Thanks!

    • Nikki Nikki on Mar 28, 2018

      The backs are against the wall. I would opt to use the second rod she mentioned

    • Veronica Ronnie Taylor Veronica Ronnie Taylor on Mar 28, 2018
      The tension rods are acting like a shelf make sure they are placed close enough so the shoes won't fall in between the rods..

    • Cheryl Cheryl on Mar 28, 2018

      I have shoe racks. However, I used the same idea to give me more hanging room. I put a "tension rod" about 2 feet from the floo rand hang my shorter clothes on it.

    • Bonnie Morris Bonnie Morris on Mar 28, 2018

      i like this! I use a shoe rack but this would make it easier to clean under the shoes without having to move anything. Good idea!

    • Itsmemic Itsmemic on Mar 28, 2018

      loved this so much did one side for shoes..other side hung a rod across half way up to hang my blouses. just measure the lowest hanging item on top rod...SO much more room on main rod now !

  • Mike Boswell Mike Boswell on Mar 28, 2018


  • Pea6054983 Pea6054983 on Mar 28, 2018

    I count approximately 18 pairs of shoes. What do you suggest for someone who HAS SEVRAL HUNDRED. I do give them away but they still seem to stay..............

    • Jackie Jackie on Mar 28, 2018

      If they are a 7 women’s, you can send the overflow to me 😅

    • L. Creative L. Creative on Mar 28, 2018

      I found an idea on Pinterest. It was crown molding mounted to the wall. I had three eight foot racks attached to the living room wall and three in the bedroom. I painted them purple and put all my cute heels on them! They got so much positive responses. They did have to be reinforced from the weight.

    • Senior Chief Senior Chief on Mar 28, 2018

      Counseling 🤪. Just kidding 😂

  • Car22846301 Car22846301 on Mar 28, 2018

    Great idea! However, they take up the whole closet - where do you hang the clothes?

    • L. Creative L. Creative on Mar 28, 2018

      Looks as if they only take up the bottom area to me!

    • Boy10842321 Boy10842321 on Mar 28, 2018

      The one picture shows a shelf of sweaters, I am guessing this didn't take more than the wall space that would be available below hanging clothes and or remove one shelf if that is all the closet has, and could be done in a few closets if you have too many for one.

    • Gre32534851 Gre32534851 on Mar 28, 2018

      They are a pair of sandals or mules one inside the other. I already do this and it works really well.

    • Joe Jones Joe Jones on Mar 28, 2018

      Looks to me like there are clothes above the shoes already. But my closets are the same 8’ my ceilings are and the shoes take up 3’ of the bottom of the closet if your clothes hang that low move your hanging rod up higher.

    • German Lopez German Lopez on Mar 28, 2018

      I just used your comment to make fun of my wife.. ladies are cotrolled by the consumerism machine .... and she controls me... because I love her ... so... is there any solution? Or is this the only one?🐎

    • Susan Susan on Mar 28, 2018

      I can't speak for ladies, but as a woman who lives minimally I can say that no one can provide a solution to cure your wife's consumerism. Even poverty won't cure her: she'll just shop at thrift stores. You're not going to change her - she has to deal with her own behavior.

  • Jod28199682 Jod28199682 on Mar 28, 2018

    What is the random single shoe on the far right of 2 rows? They don't have a match and it looks to me they are placed there to push the other shoes tightly together so that they don't fall

    • L. Creative L. Creative on Mar 28, 2018

      I’m sure each closet size is SLIGHTLY different so I bet that is the way to maximize the space. I would put one on top and the match one row down.

    • Lad26875193 Lad26875193 on Mar 28, 2018

      One shoe is tucked inside the other.

    • Boy10842321 Boy10842321 on Mar 28, 2018

      To me it looks like a slip on sandal type shoe and are stacked to keep them together with minimal space taken up.

    • Judy Judy on Mar 28, 2018

      Look closely. The heels are pushed into the mate. It’s easier to see in the gold sandals. I do this all the time to save room.

    • SSPearl SSPearl on Mar 28, 2018

      Come on Jody! Haven't you ever tucked one sandle

      inside the other?

    • Joe Jones Joe Jones on Mar 28, 2018

      Gotta love doubters. It’s a sandal or house shoe tucked inside the other for space reasons making shoes tighter left to right doesn’t keep them from falling backward

    • JoAnn JoAnn on Mar 28, 2018

      Cartercool and Sherman have it.

    • QueenBee QueenBee on Mar 28, 2018

      If you arrange your shoes toes/heels facing forward (instead of all toes facing forward) you can also save space.

    • Lea Miller Lea Miller on Mar 28, 2018

      There are two shoes there, one is inside of the other because they are slides.

    • Lea Miller Lea Miller on Mar 28, 2018

      ok you mean the middle row. sorry

    • Lau25663799 Lau25663799 on Mar 28, 2018

      Does it really matter?

  • Dan Olsen Dan Olsen on Mar 28, 2018

    I have 1 pair of shoes and 1 pair of boots..What do you suggest ?

    • Jco21857616 Jco21857616 on Mar 28, 2018

      That’s sad

    • Cerise Rieper Cerise Rieper on Mar 28, 2018

      Go shopping!

    • Sky Sky on Mar 28, 2018

      You wont have any problem storing your shoes. Why ask!

    • Melody Cuni Melody Cuni on Mar 28, 2018


    • Christkitty2000 Christkitty2000 on Mar 28, 2018

      Love what you wrote....still laughing 😂

    • Laura Wands Laura Wands on Mar 28, 2018

      If asked about my shoe(&boot) collection I State that I have one less pair than I need.

    • Martha Martha on Mar 28, 2018

      Gotta love it!

    • Gracefullikeagazelle Gracefullikeagazelle on Mar 28, 2018

      Hardy har har. You're fibbin'

    • Ann Ann on Mar 28, 2018

      Hey Sky ... get a sense of humor! Love it!!!

    • Joe Jones Joe Jones on Mar 28, 2018

      I suggest storing them under your bed then you don’t have to go far to get dressed

    • JoAnn JoAnn on Mar 28, 2018

    • Cla24659968 Cla24659968 on Mar 28, 2018

      Wouldn't it be one more pair than you need??? The pair on your feet plus one???LOL.

    • Kellie Collins Kellie Collins on Mar 28, 2018
      this is a great idea - i love tension rods! and you guys are so funny! i even think Sky was making funny! LOL!


      My suggestion for Dan - put your shoes and boots side by side on the floor of your closet and totally ignore this post!!

    • Rai22850317 Rai22850317 on Mar 28, 2018

      Buy more shoes. Get on board, man!

    • Sunny Palmisano Sunny Palmisano on Mar 28, 2018

      I would suggest you go shopping!

    • Sally Shutt Sally Shutt on Mar 28, 2018

      Have have you considered marriage?

      I am single and have many many shoes and boots👡👠👢. I don't like living alone anymore. Wing tips and tennis shoes?

    • Face Face on Mar 28, 2018

      Kohl's has a good shoe sale going on now!

    • Tamara Acosta Tamara Acosta on Mar 28, 2018

      Dang, someone beat me to posting...Get more footwear!!! 👣

    • Dan Olsen Dan Olsen on Mar 28, 2018

      Tamara....I need to wait until my wife gets her 100th pair then its my turn. Won't be long.....

    • Suzanne Compaine Sussman Suzanne Compaine Sussman on Mar 28, 2018

      I would suggest you buy more shoes...

    • Suzzann Suzzann on Mar 28, 2018

      Set them on the floor.

    • Annie Annie on Mar 29, 2018

      buy more shoes!

    • Ben32505252 Ben32505252 on Mar 29, 2018

      Suggest you celebrate being so free for being so brilliant.

      Well done.

    • Shelby☮️ Shelby☮️ on Dec 25, 2020

  • All24980092 All24980092 on Mar 28, 2018

    Where did you get that adorable wallpaper? And what is the name of the pattern? Great project.

  • Kelly Todd Miller Kelly Todd Miller on Mar 29, 2018

    Just curious. With the price of tension rods, isn’t it easier and cheaper just to buy those closet shoe holders? It is a cute idea though.

    • Velva Woodstock Velva Woodstock on Mar 29, 2018

      I've seen these tension rods at the second hand store for $2 - 3. Wipe them off and use them.

    • Pennie Collins Pennie Collins on Mar 29, 2018

      I bought one of those shoe racks. It wasn’t very sturdy and I ended up gluing and tightening it repeatedly over time. I’m trying the tension rod idea because I want more floor space and less hassle! 😀

    • Sandra Sandra on Mar 29, 2018

      I agree with Pennie, the shoe racks are flimsy and the spacing would not accommodate boots -- well except for the top shelf.

    • Mary lo Mary lo on Mar 30, 2018

      I imagine this idea also holds more shoes.....considering she has such little floor space. The shoe racks would take up alot of floor space.

    • Nita Hirales-Vega Nita Hirales-Vega on Apr 05, 2018

      I like that the rods instantly adjust to the needed size. Some spaces, like mine are awkward and no premade anything ever fits.

    • Larry Shroyer Larry Shroyer on Apr 05, 2018

      Grest idea!

    • Debra Baker Debra Baker on Apr 05, 2018

      This is great. It frees up floor space too so it looks neater

    • Paula Hahn Smith Paula Hahn Smith on Apr 05, 2018

      Big Lots has cheap rods

    • Martin McCord Martin McCord on Feb 02, 2019

      and your idea works better, you still have the entire closet left to use for clothes.

  • Ddb32489154 Ddb32489154 on Mar 29, 2018

    What’s an easy way of hanging boots ?

    • Lynn Lynn on Mar 31, 2018

      Thin tension rod, curtain rings with a clip. Slide rings onto rod before hanging rod, making sure to hang high enough for your boot height, it then clip top of boots to hang.

    • Esther McGough Esther McGough on Apr 05, 2018

      the small plastic hangers with the clips work too

    • Raven Muggenburg Raven Muggenburg on Apr 05, 2018

      Pant hangers

    • Kelli Kelli on Apr 05, 2018

      If you want to keep your boots straight legged, without marks... cut a swim noodle into 4 equal parts, then stuff one piece down into each boot leg. Next... make a lower shelf for your boots, or just stack them on each side of the closet or utilize your top shelf above your clothes for your taller items.

    • Kelli Kelli on Apr 05, 2018


    • Ddb32489154 Ddb32489154 on Apr 05, 2018


    • Stolzy Stolzy on May 19, 2018

      I take Christmas paper rolls and put them inside to keep them upright..no scrunch line,and the paper helps with humidity in the "winter" closet during the summer. Then I hang them from pant hanger clips.

  • Helen Balfour Helen Balfour on Apr 05, 2018

    My closet is twice as wide. What do u use?

    • Kelli Kelli on Apr 05, 2018

      Ttension rods are the same thing as your normal shower rod. They make them larger than these. Go look at the supplies carried at Lowe's or Walmart... and decide exactly what size will work for you, or who store carries it for lower prices.

    • Chrissy Krainock Luders Chrissy Krainock Luders on Apr 05, 2018

      What a great idea- thanks for sharing!

    • Neva Dew Neva Dew on Apr 07, 2018

      Or if you feel support is needed - then add an L-shaped shelf bracket in the middle.

    • Janiceiler Janiceiler on Apr 07, 2018

      I took my Closet rod and moved it up , then Installed A 2nd Rod below that one, so now I have 2 rods a d can hang double the closet, so now I can't do this in my closet but I can in the guest closet

    • Kelli Kelli on May 02, 2018

      My daughter moved into the tiny house located on our property. The bedroom in this house is definitely Tiny! It is just big enough to fit a full sized bed on one wall, and on the opposite wall, there were two tiny 2.5 foot closets in each corner and a 5 foot gap in between. The door to the closets take up too much room when they are opened, so we removed them. The closet rods were set rather low, so we raised one, and added a second one at midway down. This added up to a total of 5 feet of hanging space in one closet. In the other closet we added a set of shelves at 1.5 feet wide and a small 1 ft. section of closet rod at the normal height. The smaller rod is just enough room to hang her longer dresses, and the shelves are just wide enough to place shoes, etc...! In the 5 feet between the closets, we placed a shorter full length dresser, and hung her TV above with 2 full length shelves below it, to use as an entertainment area, to hold her cable box, DVD player, stereo, Dad's and Dad's, as well as a few nicknacks. Also a couple decorative shelves on either sides of the TV to hold pictures, or books, etc. Finally, we hung a set of sliding barn doors to slide accross and either cover the closets, or over the entertainment/ drawer area. And a barn door across the doorway to the room. This final step allowed enough room next to her bed for a night stand. By removing the regular pull open doors in this room and replacing them with the barn doors; gave us an additional 10 square feet of usable floor space. I used the tension rods in all 3 places instead of the normal closet rods, saving us about $15.00 as well.

    • Shelby☮️ Shelby☮️ on Dec 25, 2020

      Mercy - t m i

  • Nikki Malone Nikki Malone on Apr 14, 2018

    How to repair baseboards that looks like hers?

    • Pamela Green Pamela Green on Apr 26, 2018

      Clean the surface. Find some gel stain that is the same color as your stained floor, or close to it. You can apply it in layers. You can apply the stain with a cheap brush or sponge brush. Wipe the stain off with a clean rag before the gel dries too much. A couple of minutes or less.

      Or even easier is to get a tin of Briwax. It’s the best stuff ever. It comes in all kinds of colors and it’s a wax and a stain. It’s a wipe off thing too, but you can use Briwax on all your furniture. I have stained terra cotta pots and other containers and frames with it! Google Briwax and read about it. Great stuff!

  • Lil33718186 Lil33718186 on Jul 03, 2018

    what about the pieces of the wood planks on either side of the wall inside the closet what size do I ask for at the home diy Lowe's ?

    • Nadine Zvorsky Nadine Zvorsky on Feb 02, 2019

      Looks like shelf supports. I think she removed the shelf to make remove for the rods.

    • Cj Cj on Feb 02, 2019

      1x2 or 1x3 depending on the look u want

    • Cst27602504 Cst27602504 on Feb 02, 2019

      They look like firring strips, but yoi have a picture. Go ask your local wood pro what you need for closet shelves. They aren't needed for this shoe project.

  • KYL12042919 KYL12042919 on Jul 30, 2018

    Book shelves I need ideal what to do with my daughter moved to college and now I have 4 BShelves to use up any suggestions ?

  • Christina Christina on Feb 02, 2019

    Great idea looks so neat i am going to try this!!!

  • Mary lu Mary lu on Feb 02, 2019

    so, do you hang your clothes in front of the shoes or is the closet just for shoes. if so you would need another closet for clothes which I wouldn't have.

    • Sybil Nicol Sybil Nicol on Feb 02, 2019

      this looks like it might have been a linen closet, see the shelf over the shoes that has shirts on it, and the side bar for a shelf that was removed.... It's still a cool idea for a small closet.

      And you would hang your clothes in front of it.

      I would have liked to see a picture of the closet from top to bottom.

  • Darrell G. Walton Darrell G. Walton on Feb 02, 2019

    The rods are being supported by slats from previously installed shelves. Cut the previous installed shelf boards to one half or a third of its depth and you accomplish the same for zero cost.

    • Lisa Elias Lisa Elias on Feb 02, 2019

      YES. without the slats, the tension rods do not support much weight. I tried and they collapsed ...

    • Claire Claire on Feb 02, 2019

      Darrell, much better idea, as I can see that some shoes would fall off the rod without exact placement for balance.

    • Jessie Jessie on Feb 02, 2019

      Two levels were..not all three

    • Karrie Karrie on Feb 02, 2019

      It looks like middle rod is resting on slats, but the bottom one is up against a baseboard and the top one is not resting on anything. Maybe she had easier access to tension rods than boards and this gave her three “shelves” vs one or two (doesn’t look like the baseboards would support a wood shelf). It seems to be working for her.... I think it’s a great idea!

    • Good idea though I'd start by fixin' up the baseboards etc. perhaps a rug on the floor. The aesthetics are just as important as the function.

    • Elly Elly on Feb 03, 2019

      Comment to sandpiper... Its about shoe storage!!!

  • Barb Barb on Feb 02, 2019

    The supports are there, why not just put in shelves?

    • Linda Sikut Linda Sikut on Feb 02, 2019

      She put three "shelves" in the space where one was before. Look more closely and you'll see what I mean.

    • Rebecca H Lloyd Rebecca H Lloyd on Feb 03, 2019

      Tension rods allow for more customizable spacing and provides a space saving appearance. Another shelf would just be another place to stack a smaller pile of shoes.

    • Karen Enns Karen Enns on Feb 04, 2019

      Some rentals wouldn't allow adding shelves.

  • Fariba Fariba on Feb 02, 2019

    How to organize corner closet !?

  • Angie Angie on Feb 09, 2019

    I LOVE your Black, White and Red shoes! ❤️

  • Michele Michele on Feb 09, 2019

    My closet is not so narrow. Any suggestions of a very wide closet? This looks great but not feasible for me. But I would like to get my shoes off the bedroom floor!

    • Courtney Courtney on Feb 09, 2019

      Try curtain rods! They’re usually much longer :)

    • Gail Brandt-Otero Gail Brandt-Otero on Feb 09, 2019

      Maybe you could try extending curtain rods.

    • Ada Ada on Feb 09, 2019

      Use shower curtain rods! $4.99 at Ross!

    • Debbie Judge Tramundanas Debbie Judge Tramundanas on Feb 09, 2019

      Would a tension shower curtain rod be long enough?

    • Catherine Catherine on Feb 09, 2019

      Use the wooden or plastic rod holders that you screw to the wall for dowell rod curtain holders and use 3/4 - 1 inch round wooden rods. You can get them pretty long or for strength use old used iron pipe and paint it then you can use 1/2 inch. Might be a little costly but well worth it. The wooden dowell might sag with the weight. The pipe not so much.

    • Marcella Marcella on Feb 09, 2019

      I put my shoes facing down inside a basket, it saves a lot of space,

    • Sharon Conroy Sharon Conroy on Feb 09, 2019

      A shower curtain tension rod goes at least 5 feet or more across.

    • Valerie Valerie on Feb 09, 2019

      Try shower curtain tension rods, they are much longer. Also, you can take back rod and raise it up higher than front rod, to put heels onto. I hope this helps.

    • 37360172 37360172 on Feb 09, 2019

      put them in side ways (front to back)

    • Wendy Mason-Cruz Wendy Mason-Cruz on Feb 09, 2019

      I bought some hanging shoe storage bags for one of my closets and they worked really great! Depending on the kind you buy, you can get quite a lot of shoes in them!! They even have some for boots!!

      I my other closet I had deciders put in, one section had 2 bars for shorter things, middle section had shelves for whatever, however the bottom has shoes. It can be done same as this hack and then some!!!

    • Perhaps a narrow quilt rack. The image is from Pinterest

    • Tracey Tracey on Feb 10, 2019

      You can buy longer tension rods to fit a wider space.

    • Renee Renee on Feb 10, 2019

      Instead of going with the length of the closet, go with width of the closet. And you may be able to do more

  • Janet hoffer Janet hoffer on Feb 10, 2019

    I see you have trim boards in your closet were your rods are resting on them do I need to put those in

  • Cadd56 Cadd56 on Feb 10, 2019

    Where do you find the short tension rods?

  • Renee Devries Renee Devries on Feb 10, 2019

    Seeing that you already had trim boards around the inside of the closet, I suspect originally there were shelves. Why didn’t you just just the shelves back to the size of your shoes/boots?