Up-cycled Jewery Holder

1 Material
Make friends with the Macy's store clothing display person. I picked up three old store dummies for other projects at work.
The Bronzed hand
After I posted the Gold hand, I decided to paint the hand a bronzed color to match the furniture hardware and lamps on top of my dresser. I like this shade much better. I'm afraid the days of gold for me are gone!!!
Front of the bronzed hand
1. I bought a clay pot,

2. Placed the dummy hand into the hole and glue in the metal tube which

was attached to the hand. Would be normally joined to the dummy arm.

3. Painted it gold, but I think I will change this to brass or Bronze paint color.

4. Hang your rings, necklaces and whatever jewelry you want to have out.
Suggested materials:
  • Clay pot, glue, paint and one dummy hand
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