I want to do my bedroom floor in the brown paper bag style, over tile.

But I also want to then finish it in shabby chic with black paint and big red roses, etc, but kind of faded in spots, worn I quess you'd say. I can only think of it as a mix of shabby/Victorian/farmhouse. Did I add that I don't want to spend too much money? I've even thought of using wallpaper on the floor, which I have done before! Any ideas?
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  • Brenda Brandt Deason Brenda Brandt Deason on Jun 12, 2017
    From what I've gathered, it's all about the sealer on top. I would think you could do the paper, paint it, then walk around on it like that until it gets worn and faded to where you like it, then sweep it thoroughly and put a good quality sealer over it. While it's fading, you can save up your change for the sealer. It sounds really creative and fun!

  • Anne Johnson Anne Johnson on Jun 12, 2017
    If I understand this correctly want to paint your furniture black. The nicest version of paper bag flooring I've seen is generally stained a darker brown. So wouldn't the black furniture and dark floors be a little dark unless you want to use a brighter coloured area rug, or possibly go full-on girly and paint your walls pink. Question, how did the wallpaper on the floors work. You must have coated them with something.

  • FL FL on Jun 12, 2017
    You live out loud and I like that!!! Baby steps, first do the brown paper bag thing for texture. http://homeguides.sfgate.com/use-brown-craft-paper-wallpaper-walls-54082.html ; This is a cheap trick using brown kraft paper and wallpaper paste plus your tools (can all be viewed on video). Once dry, you can use paint for the dark background and to create faded areas. Then big red roses (you can decoupage on your walls maybe from wallpaper?). Now I thought shabby chic was an attitude and sty le and you have tons to spare, so hang a birdcage, maybe frame a few Victorian ladies in corsets, put up a homemade dressing screen! Have fun!

  • Dana M Dana M on Jun 13, 2017
    just finished cause I was not sure what to do with board floor so I tried the paper bags, I got the roll of paper instead looking for bags , very light stain on top and 3 X the polyurethane on top giving time to dry between,,, looks like leather floor..

  • Elaine Rice Elaine Rice on Jun 30, 2017
    Hi everybody~ thanks for the responses and great ideas! I think the worst part will be clearing out the bedroom. The creative juices are flowing now. Yes, the black in the floor and some of the décor will be dark, but all the trim and a wall of bookshelves will be white, the wallpaper a black and white toile, with lots of pictures and décor in red, white and a smattering of black. I'm playing around with it in my head. Wallpaper on the floor works great with several (6) coats of sealant in my bathroom. Dana, I love your floor! Really, everyone of you have given me a piece for my puzzle. Thank you!