Adding privacy to a loft bedroom

by Fiona
I have just moved into a house that has my daughter's bedroom in the loft area. The staircase from the loft feeds directly into the living room, and we are looking for a way to give her privacy without resorting to something tacky or ugly.
It is a single flight of stairs, carpeted, with a banister and balustrade.
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  • Barbara Barbara on Oct 26, 2016
    How cool ! Consider a room divider placed far enough away from the stairs so she can pass comfortably (carrying a full laundry basket). The number of sections in the divider could be determined by the traffic pattern that SHE will use: 3 part if the stairs open close to a wall; 4 parts placed in a half-ish circle if the stairs end where she could pass thru on either side of the stairs. (It will be interesting to see if she develops an "in/out" pattern like they use in restaurants! One part of the divider on HER side could be a bulletin board, one part - a full-length mirror, pegboard, write-off board etc. Your side could match the decor of your house. Note: Banister MUST be kept cleared of all objects to allow for spontaneous "action-sliding complete with hands flying in the air and a lovely squeal !" I hope I've answered the right 'issue' - the view to/from the stairs?
  • C C on Oct 27, 2016
    A wall of curtains will provide a 'pretty' wall for privacy..... but if you want some sound barrier & functionality, I would do a wall of tall bookcases or a combination of bookcases & curtains. {If it is a long span of banister, you could hang curtains at the ends of a pair of bookcases or alternate curtain/shelf/curtain/shelf/curtain} If you cover the brown side of the bookcase backer board with pretty wallpaper, then you can either have the pretty papered side showing inside the bookcase {and the plain white showing to the downstairs or vice-versa :) I included pictures to give the basic idea of what I was trying to explain
  • Jcraw Jcraw on Oct 30, 2016
    In lieu of curtains, wide bamboo (or faux) blinds could be very attractive if they suit your decor and allow air movement. Here they're frequently used for porches. Plus using Carri's suggestion of bookcases for sound reduction. Most bookcases are maximum 12" deep, so won't take up much space.
  • Rai2755762 Rai2755762 on Nov 02, 2016
    frosted glass bricks would still let light through.
  • Kde11582580 Kde11582580 on Nov 07, 2016
    I'm not exactly sure where she needs her privacy, but I raised 3 children and one of their rooms was a loft. I hung a long horizontal piece of stained glass between the knee wall and ceiling. Good luck!
  • Deb K Deb K on Apr 02, 2023

    Hi Fiona, hope these ideas help Try a room divider to semi block the entrance but allow passage. Or how about some nice sheers that can be pulled across. Or a barn style light door that can be pulled over the opening. Add track to the ceiling for curtains.

  • Mogie Mogie on Apr 02, 2023

    A curtain that runs the length of her loft. Room dividers can be homemade out of old shutters or even reclaimed wood. If price is a concern do what musicians used to do and hang blankets. That would also have the effect of being thicker then curtains to dampen sound and light more.

    You could use furniture as a room divider even. Or make the banisters run all the way to the ceiling. That would add privacy and a sense of decor at the same time.