The only wall my bed fits on there's a window.

what can I use for a headboard?

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  • Rembatb Rembatb on Dec 06, 2017
    Are you trying to cover the window?

  • Peg Peg on Dec 06, 2017
    Its a personal choice matter.

  • DesertRose DesertRose on Dec 06, 2017
    you might want one that lets the window show, like open metal frame, such as the one in our photo, see photo, it is not in front of a window, but it could very well be there

  • Vimarhonor Vimarhonor on Dec 06, 2017
    Do you have to open that window? If not- I wouldn't necessarily worry about limiting your headboard considerations.

    We used to have our bed under a window, but only moved the roller shade up and down. We opened the window as needed on the other wall and used a ceiling fan. We had light airly white voile curains on both windows.

  • Inetia Inetia on Dec 06, 2017

  • Clair Clair on Dec 06, 2017
    My bed is under a window. And I don’t like the cold air I feel from it, old windows; I’m in an apartment.
    I would use / easily make a big padded headboard (see TV show- the Middle - parents bedroom) if you have to have a headboard at all.
    I don’t, but I have good insulating curtains

  • Bijous Bijous on Dec 06, 2017
    I use a sofa table that is the width of the king bed and just to the height of the window sill. Pillows still stand up against the table so I can read. Works for me and I use the table for my lamps instead of side tables.

  • 2dogal 2dogal on Dec 07, 2017
    Can you center the bed under the window and use that as your "headboard"?

  • 2dogal 2dogal on Dec 07, 2017
    Put plastic over the windows to keep out the cold. With your insulated curtains, it should keep out the cold. If not, try making drapes out of fleece throw blankets.

  • Rembatb Rembatb on Dec 08, 2017

  • Emily Emily on Dec 08, 2017
    my bed is against two windows. Although we live in Maine, I do not notice cold from my windows. I use an antique bed frame, double size. My husbands bed is also against a window. He has one of those bookcase head boards. Works great as he gets to keep books there and also can use one of those mattress/springs on the Harvard frame. Our granddaughter has a room in the attic which is unheated. Her bed is also against the window. I did make kind of a slip cover for the head of her bed, and used to hang velvet curtains in the winter.

  • Fiddledd224 Fiddledd224 on Dec 08, 2017
    Hang a large curtain rod over the window and use the window as your headboard---- have the curtains frame the bed.