Simple Master Bedroom Remodel

8 Materials
5 Days
I was on a tight budget on this one, mostly because we want to be sure that we don't overspend while renovating . Most of it really is just the beauty of carpet and paint :]
This was the master bedroom when we first walked in. We had a busted window, the carpet and paint was dirty. A sneak peek at the master bath with its dark green walls that I wasn't too thrilled about.
Another view of the side of the master bedroom. There was the really huge walk in closet with absolutely nothing in there to hang your clothes to. It was all stripped off. First thing we did all around the house was paint and removing the carpet and baseboards.
We decided to go for laminate in all the bedrooms. For the laminate underlayment, we picked the more expensive kind that also serves as a moisture barrier. This was about $0.59/ sq ft.
For the laminate, I chose the rustic timber -- it is grey and white laminate. I love the colors and it comes with a lifetime warranty. This was $1.99/sq ft
According to instructions, we put them in the room to acclimate the flooring. We left it there for about 3 days or so.
We started laying out the particle board and the underlayment, but realized towards the entrance that the floor was dipped lower than the rest.
My husband put shims in the low areas so that the floor would be level by the time we put the laminate down.
I started on the left side putting spacers at the corners, and laying down the laminate.
Continued progress, if a laminate has a hard time clicking with each other use the pull bar and a rubber mallet/hammer and gently tap them.
Cleaned up, swept and vacuumed the area when it was done and pulled out all the spacers.
The laminate also flows through the walk in closet. After this the only thing left to do is just putting the baseboards and the decorating!
I went with a Cal King bed that we got from Craigslist fortunately for free and in excellent condition :] and bought a 10 piece grey comforter set from Amazon, I think for around $65 (with shipping) You can find it .
For the windows I went with IKEA LILL (the white sheen curtains) for $4.99 a pair and IKEA BOLLOLVON block out grey curtains which is $14.99 for the pair. The curtain rod was IKEA RACKA/HUGAD which is a double curtain rod for $20.91.

P.S - Notice the bathroom? Yeah we did a simple remodel on that too :] I may post about it on another blog later.
We bought used white wire shelving from Craigslist for about $30 and used them for the master bedroom and the 2 smaller bedrooms :)

I have to keep it simple, without much decor because we were renting out the room and not living in there ourselves, that way it would give our housemate a chance to put their own pictures on the walls.

Hope you guys enjoyed this ^_^
Here is the before and after of the project ^_^

Suggested materials:

  • Underlayment   (Floor and Decor)
  • Laminate Flooring   (Floor and Decor)
  • Particle Board   (Home Depot)
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  • Brittney Lillie Brittney Lillie on Jun 30, 2017
    Is the floor squeaky at all where the shims were placed under the subfloor?

  • Mas28730575 Mas28730575 on Aug 03, 2017
    Love the flooring what is the name of it?

  • Gae Gae on Nov 23, 2020

    I have Timber Impressions Rustic Timber in a house we bought from a flipper. I want to extend The laminate into the bedroom and I have one leftover box but I can't find a vendor! Who sells and installs Timber Impressions Rustic Timber in northern California, please?


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  • Patti Patti on Jul 06, 2017
    You did an amazing job on that room. Great work and inspiring - thank you for all the detail!

  • Pam Lewandowski Pam Lewandowski on Jul 06, 2017
    Congratulations on such an amazing job!  Looks great and what a great feeling EVERY TIME you walk in there! :)