Crescent Moon Window Shutters

3 Materials
3 Hours

I have tried curtains in this bathroom and also the privacy window vinyl in this room but never liked the look.

I think this could be cute in other rooms as well. Imagine reading your children the book Goodnight Moon...and there are your shutters with the moon. icon

Each of the 4 panels is hinged so it completely opens up out of the way. I can peek outside through the moon cut out or I can open it fully or partially.

Create a new window frame if needed

You need to decide if your existing frame is ok. If not...

1st- rip it off!

2nd- Cut a simple new frame and stain the 4 pieces

3rd- Attach the pieces onto the wall with a brad nailer

4th- paint the window sash if needed and admire how much better it looks already!

Measure your window & create your shutter

Using pine wood cut out 4 pieces taking into account you need a little space between each shutter piece. Here's how we did it- Measure the window width and divide by 4 then take off about 1/8" between the frame, the first slat, then the next and so on so each has a little space between. Plane down as needed.

Print your pattern

At first I wanted a crescent moon and star but then decided to go with just the moon. For one it was easier to cut the moon and this was a first attempt at this type of shutter. Enlarge as needed.

Trace the pattern

Cut the pattern, tape it to the wood so it's covering 2 center boards so the moon is split into 2 and trace it in pencil.

Cut your design out

Using a scroll saw, cut your moon out on one board then the other.

Smooth it out

Using a Dremel smooth the cuts you made.

Use a rattail file to get in the small point of the moon

Attach hinges

Attach your hinges connecting 2 boards for each side and you will have your matched set ready to hinge to the frame itself. You'll need 8 hinges.

Admire what you've made!

I should say if you want to paint or stain your shutters do it before the hinges. I haven't decided on a stain or color yet so am enjoying them au natural for now.

I hinged mine so that they "flip-flop" onto each other to take less space and lay flat as shown when open.

The room isn't completely finished but it's getting there. icon

Do you think I should paint or stain the shutters? If so what color? I'd love to hear your thoughts!

Suggested materials:

  • 2- 6 foot 1x8 pine boards   (Menards)
  • 1.8 Inch Stainless Steel Folding Butt Hinges   (Amazon)
  • Wood stain or paint   (Menards)

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  • Connie Connie on Jul 25, 2021

    Cute idea. But I guess you are too young to realize that the crescent moon cutout is the symbol for an outhouse. Know what an outhouse is??

  • Diane Diane on Jul 25, 2021

    Wanted to do this years ago with our bathroom window. Better half? talked me out of it saying it would be to difficult. Loved your explanation and pictures. Getting rid of the ugly curtains and making this. THANK you so much.


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