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school year is about to start. Maybe not all of us are completely ready for that. If you did some school supplies purchase and still not enough, here you are this quick and affordable desk idea. This desk is The perfect solution for your kids school supplies organization and a functional study nook.

Here you go the steps.

Shelves assembling

I’ve got this white cute shelves from Home Depot Two years ago and never unpackaged it. I though it maybe a nice start for my desk diy.

Two nightstands

put two nightstands next to each other, and leave some room for a little chair in between them.

Large shelve

I had a large shelve in my garage, I used it as a top desk. It is pretty heavy so it will not move when my four yeas daughter will use it.


after all it looks like a desk. It has a table top For a laptop, drawers for papers and most frequently used things and plenty of shelves for organization and storage.


adding some plants for positive energy and glam look.

Final look

A quick and pretty desk idea. I made it in a short time and I can change the look any time I want. Like remove it from there After the school is done.

Watch the the video for more details

Suggested materials:

  • Nightstands   (My daughter’s nightstand)
  • Book Shelves   (Home Depot)
  • Shelve   (FB Marketplace)

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