How To Make A Garden Bench Out Of A Tire

4 Materials
1 Hour

Do you want to give your garden an original touch without scratching your pocket too much? Watch out for this tutorial! With the two halves of a tire, wood and a little varnish, you can make a very cool bench for the outside of the house. How about?


  • Brush
  • Shears
  • Cutter
  • Flexometer
  • Stapler
  • Pencil
  • Mouse sander
  • Pallet
  • Marker pen
  • keyhole saw
  • Drill
  • Cloth


  • Varnish
  • White glue
  • Wood
  • Tire

1. Cut the tire into two halves

The first thing you need to do to start shaping your homemade bench is to cut a car tire in half, with a cross cut. Each of these halves, reinforced with a wooden structure inside, will be a leg of the bench.

Put on gloves and glasses to protect yourself and place the tire on your work surface. With the help of a marker – it must be in a color that contrasts with the black of the rubber to be visible – mark a cut line through the wheel. Then, find a cutter and make a first incision on one of the sides. Pass the blade of your jigsaw through that hole and cut following the line, without going through the inner edge that surrounds the hole, which has a steel ring inside and that the jigsaw blade will not be able to cut.

When you’re done with the jigsaw, use a wire cutter to cut the steel ring from the inside edge of the tire. You already have your two halves!

2. Thoroughly clean the tire

Thoroughly clean both halves of your tire before continuing to work. Scrub vigorously using a stiff bristle brush, which will remove surface dirt, and then go over the surface with a scouring pad, soap and water. If your tire has difficult grease stains, you can also use a specific product.

3. Measure and cut the wood

Cut the pieces of wood that, together with the two halves of the tire, will form the bench. You must create three different types of pieces: 1. four wooden semicircles to cover the gap of the tire and reinforce the legs; 2. eight rectangular blocks that join the semicircles together and give stability to the structure and 3. five slats that, screwed to the upper part of the tires, will act as a seat.

Start by creating the semicircles. Measure the diameter of the hole in one of the halves and, adding about 4 centimeters to that figure, draw four semicircular figures on a wooden board.

To make the semicircles, you can use a wooden strip as a compass. You will have to screw it lightly to the board and make a hole through which a pencil fits at a distance from the screw equal to the radius of the figure you want to draw. Then, pass a pencil through the hole and turn the ribbon on itself, tracing a circumference with the radius you are looking for.

Cut with the help of a jigsaw.

When you have the semicircles, cut the eight rectangular dowels that will reinforce the inside of the legs from a square piece of wood. To calculate how long they should measure, measure the width of the inside of the tire, from edge to edge, and subtract the thickness of the two semi-circular pieces of wood from that number. In this way, the complete structure will fit inside the tire.

Finally, cut the five slats that, screwed to the tires, will act as a seat. Do not make them very long, about 90 cm at the most, since otherwise they may sag.

4. Varnish the visible parts

Apply a decorative varnish on all the pieces that, once the structure is assembled, are visible: the four wooden semicircles – you can only apply it on one of the faces – and the five slats.

The ideal is to use a product that, in addition to decorating, protects the wood from external agents such as sunlight or water. Apply it with a trowel and let it dry.

5. Create the bench supports

When the varnish is dry, assemble the legs of the bench. Start by joining the wooden blocks to the semicircles, creating the structure that will go inside each half of the tire. Join each pair of semicircles with four wooden dowels, gluing them perpendicular along the curved edge, equidistant. To do this, use white glue and reinforce the joint with a screw.

After mounting the internal wooden leg frames, attach them to the tire halves. Fit them inside and staple the tire edge to the wood.

6. Screw the slats

Finally, screw the slats to the top of the legs that you just mounted. Do it with the help of metric screws and nuts.

Place the first plank joining the two legs, centered on the surface of the tire halves, and make a hole with the drill in one of the sides that goes through both the wood and the rubber.

Then, with the help of a slightly larger bit, slightly countersink the beginning of the hole so that the screw does not protrude.

Fit the bolt using a spanner and secure with a nut on the inside of the leg. Repeat the operation on the opposite side and continue with the rest of the slats. Ready!

This is how this homemade bench made with a tire and pieces of wood has been. How about? Do you like it for your garden? We look forward to your comments!

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