Leftover Barn Wood Wine Rack

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I have been eyeing down countless wall mounted wine bottle racks and discovered all of my favorites had a few things in common; Made of barn wood, simple & timeless. I knew that with a few easy supplies, I could create my own for 1/3 of the going price on websites like Etsy. So I did just that!

How to make one for yourself!
  1. First thing I did was got the measurement of the wall and decided I would make my board about 36 inches long. Using my miter saw & proper safety gear, I measured and made the single cut.
  2. I then taped off a 2 inch section at both the top and bottom using frog tape and spray painted that portion black. This covered up the dis-coloration from where I cut the board and also added a bit of spunk. I used regular matte Rust-Oleum Spray paint and did only one coat!
  3. I then used water based polyurethane to seal the project - this dried very fast!

The Hardware Kit I got off Amazon

4. Using 1 inch drywall screws (provided with kit from Amazon) - I spaced out the hardware and screwed them onto the board.

5. We then brought the board inside and using the SPAX screws for an added touch of gold and to ensure that the board was on our 200 year old plaster and lathe good and we screwed it in!

Now we have a cute , easy and beautiful piece of barn wood history to use in such a practical way!

Suggested materials:

  • Barnwood Scrap   (In Scrap wood pile)
  • Wine Rack Hardware   (https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B071K9NZKP/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_titl)
  • Screws to hang (We used ones we had SPAX T-Star Screws)   (Home Depot)
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