Luxury Lounge (or How I Built a Bar Area With Scrap Wood)

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I decided to build a Bar area in my garage (needed a place to get away from the wife but don't tell her).
Step 1: neighbors offered me some old bookcases (2) or they were going to put them out to the trash. So I took them and used them for a couple of years for general storage.
Step 2: A friend builds things out of fallen trees and when I commented on how nice this piece was he not only gave it to me but he also delivered it and set it up for me (thanks Red). So now I had my Bar and shelves (bookcases) to hold everything.
Step 3: It is nice but I felt it needed something else. but what? ...Hmmn
I know it needs something on that white wall in back of the Bar.
Step 4: And while I was at it I decided to add LED lights to it.
Step 5: Almost done, just a few more things to do and I will ready to unveil it to
to the world.
Step 6: Include a table that another friend had given me (thanks Grizz) This has lights on it but I took the photo during the day.
Step 7: Light installation
Step 8: Modifying wiring wire installation.
Step 9: Light Bridge obverse side.
Step 10: Light Bridge Inverse side (Before the poor man's "Printed Circuit" was
Step 11: Completed Bar area
Christmas '15
Suggested materials:
  • Had everything except the LED Lights   (Got the LED Lights from Parts Express)
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