Mud Room Bench

6 Materials
3 Hours

As you’ll learn the more you DIY the harder it gets to throw away scrap wood. With that I decided to put some scrap wood to use with a nice sleek mid room bench.

Step 1 Prep and Plan

After installing some butcher block countertop a little while back I managed to save an 8inch piece I had cut off of a 6ft section of countertop. I’ve staring at this for quite a while it was time to give this “scrap” a purpose.

Step 2 Position

Being happy with the size I had no reason to make any cuts. I placed a set of hairpin legs on the wood slab and marked the holes. Having the marks I predrilled the holes and secured a leg in each corner.

Step 3 Detail

With the legs now secured to the wood I turned the project upright. Using a round over bit on the router I ran this around the perimeter to create a nice but simply detailed edge.

Step 4 Sand

After adding edge detail I used an orbital sander on the top bottom and sides changing sandpaper grit after each step. This helps smooth the surface and open the pores of the wood to stain.

Step 5 Staining

After sanding I used a tack cloth to wipe the surface down. Start by using a pre stain conditioner on the wood followed by a coat of dark walnut stain or whatever color you may choose. I allowed this to dry overnight then added a poly urethane satin top coat for protection.

Step 6 Place bench

After staining I used the sander to strip away stain around the edges for a distressed look. Placed the new bench into the mud room and enjoy its purpose.

Suggested materials:

  • 6ft Butcher block countertop section   (Home Depot)
  • Hairpin legs   (Amazon)
  • Minwax dark walnut stain   (Lowes)
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