How do I make a dog ramp for a deck that is 8 feet high?

by Kim
The back of our house is 2 stories. I would like to start on a ramp now so that our senior dog will have an easier path to the back yard when her arthritis gets worse.

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  • Lonny Reever Lonny Reever on Dec 31, 2017
    Find plans for a handicap ramp and modify the size to your needs. Would be best to have ramp go in 2 directions instead of 1 straight run up, will not be as steep as a straight run.

  • Lucy Sawyer Lucy Sawyer on Dec 31, 2017
    you will need about 20 feet of ramp (compared to human needing about 96 feet!) but dogs can handle incline better. i have built 2 in past for my old boys and they appreciate it. be sure to put side rails on when getting up that high. 2 feet wide is plenty. i did build a wider one and my husband was always on it and i didn't plan on that weight. you can use your house for one side which makes it easier to attach to and if you have wide eaves that also protects somewhat from rain. either put on gravel slip strips or cover with old throw away carpet you should be able to get for free. it isn't a bad project, just at the top you need to either tie in to your deck or build a landing of some sort and don't forget good railings up high... once they get the hang of it they will sail up it...

  • Lana Hassell Lana Hassell on Jan 01, 2018
    Kim, as they say, advice is free, and you will get a lot to choose from. I also have a hard time with with regular stairs because of my 74 yr. Old hips.👵 I cannot do ramps easily, either, and your senior dog probably could not either. My husband came up with the solution: He built, off of our 8 ft. tall deck, a set of stairs custom-made for me to be able to go up and down as if I was walking. He simply made the risers 3" high. Your precious Pup could manage that, I think. Ramps are so very hard to go up; it is a big strain on hips and knees. A 2 or 3 inch step up is not. The stairs do stick out further than a normal set would, but, it does not look bad at all. Good luck. Give a big hug to your Doggie for me.