How to make a skirt for under a counter?

by Linda
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  • Barbara Tunney Kaytor Barbara Tunney Kaytor on Jul 03, 2017

    You didn't give any specifics so I will just stab at this one. I would put a spring tension rod under it or a cafe rod mounted under the edge and get inexpensive curtains or go to a goodwill thrift store for some and it will hide a lot.

  • Fay Holstein Fay Holstein on Jul 03, 2017

    Measure the length and width of the opening. Your width should be 1.5 or 2 times the actual width. on the back side of the material turn over the sides like 1/4 inch and than turn it over another 1/4 inch so the raw edge is enclosed so sew that up. Now do the same to the other side. For the length you are going to add 5 inches to the length of top. Now fold 1.5 inches over to the back side. Then turn over 1/4 inch of the fabric edge. Iron it to make sure you have a straight edge. Now sew along the folded edge. You now have the pocket for your rod. Put the curtain on your rod and see how much you need to turn up to get it the proper length. Turn up the bottom and turn under your 1/4" and sew it up. Your curtain is made.

  • Fay Holstein Fay Holstein on Jul 03, 2017

    You can make it from a cotton fabric, decorating material or some indoor outdoor fabric.

  • Diana of all Trades Diana of all Trades on Jul 04, 2017

    I just made a no-sew one for my daughter's kitchen which has an open area under the sink. I bought one of those rods that have a spring in them that makes it longer or shorter (frequently used for shower curtains). I measured the height to make sure 45" fabric was tall enough allowing 3 inches for the top hem and 1 inch for the bottom hem. I measured the width and doubled it for fullness to get the amount of fabric needed. For instance, if the area under the sink is 32", that's almost 1 yard so buy 2 yards of fabric. Also, buy Steam-A-Seam and FrayCheck.

    Cut your fabric at the height from floor to bottom of sink + 3 inch allowance for top hem + 1 inch allowance for bottom hem. One end will be the selvage edge and won't fray. The other edge will fray unless you put FrayCheck on it so run a thin line across the entire width. Then check the diameter of your rod. Ours was 1 1'2". You want 1/2" more to slide the skirt on easily so, since you allowed 3” for the top, you have 1" left for the hem. Mark 1" across the width of the fabric, fold it under and iron it. Iron in the Steam-A-Seam to make a regular hem. Now, turn the fabric under the other 2” and iron in the Steam-A-Seam at the bottom (hem) edge to make the rod pocket. Put FrayCheck on each end (short) side. Then turn in and mark 1". Again iron in the Steam-A-Seam so you have a finished edge. Slide on your rod, adjust the rod until it’s tight and it’s done!

  • Susan Baron Susan Baron on Feb 15, 2022

    I need a hint how to make 1/4 inch pleats 3 inches apart for yards of skirting for under countertops