Queen Platform Bed

3 Materials
2 Days

So this tutorial is going to be a throw back! To baby Brittney’s first real build! A friend suggested I share this build because the only tool I owned when I built this was a drill! Yes! My only tool was a drill, and I built a platform bed! And yes, that is lumber loaded into my tiny sedan, I get so many crazy looks loading up my Mary Poppins wagon at the hardware store!

They key to doing larger scale build with minimal tools is, don’t be afraid to ask for help! I got my plans together and made a list of what materials were needed and what cuts would need to be made and headed to Home Depot, I’m sure Lowe’s would help too, but I’ve always been a Home Depot girl personally! I modified an Ana White plan, check out AnaWhite.com she has so many great build plans with cut list included, FOR FREE! Anyway, the bed plan I modified was the Chestwick Queen Platform bed, go check it out for the cut list and materials!

Some of the modifications I made were, instead of furniture feet I purchased fence top finials! So much more cost effective and readily available! And I didn’t own a Kreg jig at the time so I got longer self tapping wood screws and just screwed straight in! I love the Spax brand, and they come with the bit required which was a plus because I only had the basic Phillips and flat head...I also added a 4x4, I used it as corner supports and bases for the “feet” to screw into!

So I built a box, and added feet! Ha. I used the 4x4 cut at 4 inches in the corners to give strength since I wouldn’t be using pocket holes or any fancy joinery, you can see where I screwed directly into the 4x4, make sure to check square! I lived with the bed unfinished and untrimmed for almost a year because I didn’t have the tools to trim it out or the space to stain it! I was living in a rental when I built this one!

I added 2x2 in either side rail about 2 inches down to attach the slats that I made out of 1x3 furring strips! Attach them with screws for added support! I picked up my first miter saw at a yard sale for $25 shortly after purchasing my home and decided it was finally time

to add the trim, only took almost 2 years to finish the build but it served its purpose even in its raw unfinished state! I finally added the top and bottom trim pieces and stained it!

all trimmed out! And some of my first mitered corners! I was so proud!

I chose Kona by varathayne for this one! I loved how rich the color was and after only 1 coat!

We used this bed for 3 years before we upgraded to a queen and demoted it to the guest bedroom, but we still have it almost 6 years later and it’s held up wonderfully! Probably the most sturdy bed I have ever slept in! And now it’s used for guests and the kiddo loves to bounce and watch movies on it! Definitely check out Ana White for more details on this build, I wish I could take full credit for this one, but just sharing how it is possible to build a BED while only owning a drill! We all start somewhere! Dive in!

Suggested materials:

  • Ryobi 12 volt drill and driver
  • Dimensional pine lumber
  • 2 inch spaz screws

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