Make a Built-In Bookcase

Getting a built-in bookcase can help to save space while also giving a gorgeous look that makes adding books to it a pleasure. Hometalker Maria carried out this project over the course of a few days. She carefully used a miter box to cut pieces of wood to size before it was all put together and then painted. The results are shown and are fabulous. Get tutorial here

Use Kitchen Cabinets

The idea of using kitchen cabinets as the starting point for a DIY bookcase might sound a bit strange. Yet, Hometalker Clay B did just this and got an eye-catching look that really stands out. A lot of thought went into this DIY project, from the electrical sockets behind the bookcase to the soft-close ball bearing slides in the cabinets. Get tutorial here

A Stunning Piano Bookcase

This ambitious project saw a baby grand piano taken apart and turned into a dazzling bookcase with doors. It looks incredible and would be a talking point in any home, regardless of the books in it. Hometalker John Biermacher did this work, which included removing the strings and bridges, repairing the keys and carcass, and adding shelving. Get tutorial here

A Cable Reel Bookcase

Even an old cable reel can be made into an attractive place for storing books, with the help of the right project. In this case, Hometalker Monica – The Pallet House came up with this clever design. She attached reels using nuts and bolts before castors were added. A coat of interior wax in walnut was then applied for the perfect finishing touch. Get tutorial here

Get a Bookcase with Doors

Adding doors is one of the best ways to change the look of an old wooden bookcase. This smart DIY project by Hometalker Thrifty Treasures manages to revitalize the original piece brilliantly. They fitted windows to it as doors, which gave it a completely new look. Some work was needed to make the windows fit perfectly but it was well worth it. Get tutorial here

Get an Industrial Look

The next project takes a plain 1980s oak bookcase and very simply transforms it into something a lot more exciting. Hometalker Susie@The Chelsea Project Blog gave the piece a rustic industrial look. The key in this was to paint it a dark chocolate cover and then apply beeswax before another coat was added. The end look is certainly pretty exciting. Get tutorial here

Make a Wardrobe Trunk into a Stylish Bookcase

As we have seen, many different things can be turned into cool bookcases. This time, Hometalker Scott Valentine took an uninspiring old wardrobe trunk and made it into a good-looking bookcase.He added shelves and feet, as well as making a number of other adjustments, such as painting it and turning a giant bin into a section with doors. Get tutorial here

Get a Built-in Bookcase at the Top of the Staircase

Do you have space at the top of the staircase that you don’t currently use? If so, then this idea from Hometalker FrugalFamilyTimes could be the ideal way of using it wisely with a new bookcase. They cut pieces of quarter round, added a few shelves, and painted. The finished bookcase looks fantastic with both books and plants on it. Get tutorial here

Add a Crown

You can add a touch of elegance and make a boring bookcase look more attractive in a number of ways. Here, Hometalker Remodelando la Casa – Cristina adds a crown for a simple but effective change. She did this by just nailing a crown to the top of her wooden bookcase. It is a quick and easy DIY task that makes a big difference to the look. Get tutorial here

Build a Bookcase Headboard

Could your bed be the perfect place to build a new bookcase? Hometalker Stacy Davis decided to try this and created a lovely headboard that is also very useful for storing books in too. This is a tongue and groove project for a child’s bed. She used a power miter box to cut the wood, which was then glued and nailed with the help of corner clamps. Get tutorial here

Get a Corner Bookcase

Would you like to save some space at home by using a corner bookcase? Hometalker Cher@ Designs By Studio C decided to try this using an old door as the starting point for a fascinating project. She, first of all, cut the door in half and made it into an L-shape using pocket hole screws. She then added shelves and painted it for a great finish. Get tutorial here

An Elegant Floating Bookcase

Do you think that a floating bookcase project sounds awesome but is probably too difficult? The good news is that Hometalker Susie@The Chelsea Project Blog shows us how to make a sophisticated piece. She used bolts to attach furring strips and then connected the assembled unit to the wall. After sanding and caulking, she was ready to prime and paint. Get tutorial here

Put Bookshelves Behind the Door

Is finding the space to put all of your books turning into a problem? Hometalker TwoPlusCute decided to tackle this issue in their nursery by adding some neat book shelving behind the door. Rather than make a bulky wooden bookcase, they cut some boards to size. Then, they glued and nailed them together before screwing them to the wall. Get tutorial here

Get a Bookcase Door

Do you have a door that could be converted into a smart new bookcase? It might sound like a strange question but the image above from Hometalker Brooke N shows how fantastic it can look in the end. She added a deadbolt to turn the closet space behind the door into a secure, hidden storage place. It looks great, as well as being practical. Get tutorial here

Make a Bookcase into a Fireplace

We all love to see a classy fireplace but can you imagine converting a bookcase into the fireplace of your dreams? This is what Hometalker Janel Hutton set out to do, with terrific success. She attached tin panels to the frame, so it looks more like a real chimney. And, by painting the different elements the same color, she made it look like one piece. Get tutorial here

A Revolving Bookcase for Multiple Purposes

A revolving bookcase can be an incredibly useful way of storing a number of different things. Bearing that in mind, Hometalker Country Design Style- Jeanette devised a pretty bookcase in this style. She began by cutting out lots of circles to use as the shelves, although she admits that a square model would probably be easier to make. Get tutorial here