1. A Charming Entryway Bench and Coat Rack from an Old Door

If you want an entryway bench and coat rack rolled into one, you can do as these Hometalkers did and repurpose an old shutter door. Feri Designs LLC cut their door into four pieces, before giving each a coat of paint and finish, and sticking them back together in the format you see here. All they needed to do was add some Hobby Lobby hooks, and presto!  Get tutorial here

2. Simple and Stylish Entryway Coat Racks

If you want simple and stylish entryway coat racks that take no time to build, this Hometalker's project might be your cup of tea. Using a 2x4 plank, a power drill, and some hardware store hooks, Makeful put this trendy structure together in a few minutes. As you can see, the galaxy design on the hooks adds a touch of style to his understated piece.  Get tutorial here

3. A Minimalist Entryway Coat Rack with Storage for Your Winter Gear

Winter is coming, which means you'll want an entryway coat rack with storage if you wish to avoid coats, hats, scarves, and gloves cluttering up your home. These busy Hometalkers did just that with some Command Hooks which stick to the wall and some Dollar Tree garbage cans. The homemade labels ensure nothing falls out of place.  Get tutorial here

4. From Old Headboard to Elegant Retro Coat Rack

Add a touch of retro charm to your home with this charming chalkboard coat rack, made from an upcycled headboard. Taking an unused oak headboard, this Hometalker added a layer of varnish, removed the plywood panels, and replaced them with some 10x10 wood panels, after which they applied a layer of chalkboard paintGet tutorial here

5. An Elegant Entryway Coat and Shoe Rack Upcycle

This timeless, country-style entryway coat and shoe rack was created from a wooden door and some box crates. Hometalker Megan simply applied a hefty coat of white satin acrylic paint and superglued some vintage coat hooks purchased from a local craft store. She also replaced the glass panel in the door with a headboard plank.  Get tutorial here

6. Creating an Entryway Storage Bench with Coat Rack in One

An entryway storage bench and coat rack can combine style, comfort, and utility all rolled into one item. This crafty Hometalker project was also created with the help of an old door, as well as a vintage cabinet which doubled up as a bench. After a touch of red glaze paint and some nails to hold it all together, the cushion was selected to provide the comfort element.  Get tutorial here

7. A Simple and Modern Peg Hanging Rack

If space is at a premium in your entryway, a minimalist peg hanging rack might be just what you need. This Hometalker used some plywood, a 25mm dowel, some sandpaper, and a clean-cut blade to make this simple but charming coat rack. Rather than using lots of screws and nails, the whole thing is held together with No More Nails Adhesive.  Get tutorial here

8. An All-Purpose Herringbone Coat Rack with Vintage Flair

This Hometalker wanted to create a cozy and classical atmosphere in their entryway, which they achieved with this multifunctional herringbone coat rack. They created the herringbone patterns themselves by carefully placing some old 2x4s together, before topping off the vintage aesthetic with the help of some brass coat hooks.  Get tutorial here

9. Create a Coat Rack in Five Minutes Flat

If you want a simple and stylish entryway coat rack that takes a few minutes to build, all you need is a scrap piece of lumber, a stencil, and some spray paint. This Hometalker used old doorknobs to serve as the hooks, which they applied to the painted plank of wood with nothing more than some standard superglue.  Get tutorial here

10. Hipster Entryway Coat Racks from Old Pallets

As this Hometalker has deftly demonstrated, your coat rack can also serve as a gorgeous centerpiece for your entryway. They used a Sawzall to take apart a pallet board before nailing the planks together into the formation you see here. With the use of a generous coating of chalk paint and some $4 iron coat hooks from Lowes, this hipster coat rack was brought to life.  Get tutorial here

11. Bring Your Old Coat Rack into the 21st Century

You may already have an entryway storage bench with coat rack, but want to give it a new lease of life. This Hometalker thought the same way, which is why they took their '70s coat rack and removed the original panels. To replace them, they simply added some stain and finish to some pallet boards before attaching them with a power drill.  Get tutorial here

12. A Coat Rack with Some Countryside Kitsch

This beautiful barn wood coat rack brought a touch of countryside kitsch to this Hometalker's entryway. After procuring the barn wood, they used some standard nails and screws to bring the two pieces together. Some vintage key hooks were the perfect finishing touch, great for hanging coats and bags while also complementing the overall look.  Get tutorial here

13. Updating Your Coat Rack Storage Hooks

You may also be thinking that your existing coat rack could use some new hooks. This Hometalker realized her existing brass hooks were aged, fragile, and dangerous, so they opted for a modern makeover. They ripped out the old hooks and replaced them with some IKEA folding hooks, which can be either glued or screwed on.  Get tutorial here

14. Timeless Farmhouse-Style Entryway Coat Racks

If you want to create and bright and airy farmhouse atmosphere in your entryway, this ship coat rack might just do the trick. These Hometalkers used a miter saw to cut eight shiplap boards in 48-inch-long planks. Then they held them together with underlayment and used a power drill to attach the four hooks you see here, adding the shelf at the end.  Get tutorial here

15. Turn Your Old Books into a Back-to-School Coat Rack

This might just be the coziest and most unique entryway coat rack we've ever seen. Taking some old books, this Hometalker attached them to a wooden board with two long screws per book, also using some D-ring hangers to hold them in place. As for the iron coat hooks you see here, Angie @ Knick of Time attached them with the help of some E600 super glue and some plumber's tape.  Get tutorial here

16. From Crib to Coat Rack in a Few Simple Steps

Once your little one has grown up, you can upcycle the crib to create an unforgettable entryway coat rack. This Hometalker simply took the headboard from a crib and sanded it to give it a smoother look. Then they added some paint and finish before using standard screws to attach these craft store coat hooks you see in the picture. The result is breathtaking.  Get tutorial here

17. An Entryway Bench and Coat Rack Using Shelves

This Hometalker has shown that you only need a few 1x8 shelving boards and some 1x2 trimming boards to create a practical and elegant entryway coat rack. They used wood glue to attach them all together before using plenty of caulk to fill in all of the cracks and joints. After a coat of white trim paint, some Hobby Lobby coat hooks finished the look off.  Get tutorial here

18. IKEA Hack for an Entryway Coat Rack with Storage

If you have an acute storage problem in your home, hacking some unused furniture might solve it. Using a standard IKEA Gorm shelf, this Hometalker added some pine tongue and groove planking to the sides and middle to give it the farmhouse look. After a touch of whitewash and some finish, the whole thing was ready to go.  Get tutorial here