Stuart Takahara's Sacred Altar built by my husband Vince Royal

This sacred altar was built by my husband and dedicated this past Sunday. Stuart is very happy with the workmanship and my husband has been commissioned by the church to build shelving for a hall closet and to be ready for more orders for Sacred Altars in the near future.
It began like this...
Went to Home Depot and bought the lumber
Building the risers for the storage cabinets
Getting ready to stain the risers
A few coats to go
Packaged and ready for delivery
Attaching top, backing and bottom boards
Leveling mounting bracket
Straightening backer board for Meishu~samas picture
And they're up!
Before the Sacred Scroll and Meishu~samas picture went up
Scroll, Meishu~sama and offerings are lovingly placed
Offerings to the ancestors for appreciation
Closing prayer, Takahara center is now open

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  • Karina Fernandez Karina Fernandez on Sep 19, 2012
    Thank you very much everybody !This is his first time woodworking and I think he found a love for it right away. He already has a love for power tools, it was a natural progression.
  • Katie Katie on Mar 22, 2014
    First time…? He did a fantastic job! And what a beautiful project to start. There is something magical about that.