Sweet Little Day Bed

5 Materials
1 Hour

A diy day bed for the kids or that corner that needs a little something.


Drill 2” screws

plywood cut off piece (5/8 thickness) is what I used

dowel 1 1/2 -2”

wood glue

saw to cut the dowels 6 @6” or as many as you need for your size of plywood

Marking the wood

Measure out where you’d like the dowels. 3 “ in from the long side and 5” in from the short side, two dowels in the middle and 2 on both sides front and back. If you used more than 6 measure accordingly! These are your support so you don’t want to much space in-between each dowel.

Putting on the dowels

Find your center point of where you measured and screw in the screws till barely through and put the center of the dowel with some wood glue onto the screw and drill through the rest of it while holding onto the dowel! Do this 6 times or as many as you used for your platform

Dry time

While the dowels are drying decide on color or not! I left mine raw wood and sanded it till smooth.


Find some through pillows, blankets and a good book!!

Suggested materials:

  • Plywood   (Lumber store)
  • Dowel   (Hardware, lumber store)
  • Wood glue   (Hardware store)
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