Wonderful Woodwork by William Heistand

I am sure many of you are familiar with Bill, here on Hometalk. Bill and I got to talking about writing an article on Hometipster.com to help spread the word about his wonderful work.
As you all know I'm really into anything creative and I love to champion outstanding work, so without further ado, here's the article I wrote on Bills work - http://hometipster.com/creative-woodworking-william-heistand/
If you like the article please share it on Hometipster.com through your social networks and share it on Hometalk.com.
Thanks everyone - have a great day! Graham
Creative Woodworking by William Heistand

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  • Hometipster.com Hometipster.com on Aug 08, 2012
    Just a thought... if anyone here create individual piece of artwork, feel free to get in touch, I'm more than happy to champion anyone's work on Hometipster.com - it it helps then I'm delighted to do so. :)
  • William Heistand William Heistand on Aug 08, 2012
    And another thought...as Hometalk is a forum for information, feel free to ask a question here or through my contact information.