Mine Shaft photos

A while back I posted a photo of the Ca Poppies coming up near our "Mine Shaft" and was asked for more photos. So, here are a couple more. A bit about our "Mine Shaft"... my husbands family has an old farm in the upper Peninsula of Michigan. When the barn fell one year, he shipped the barns' trap door (and old bottles, etc) back home and wanted to use it somehow so he built this mine shaft in our yard. You can see the barn door at the back in one photo. A friend gave us the lantern and he added the old gold pan. No, it does not go anywhere! Our backyard has Calif natives and this area has mostly desert plantings. I'll take more photos of the other side too. Will post shortly.
mine shaft with CA Poppies and Sage.
close up of mine shaft

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  • Sarah Sarah on May 26, 2016
    This is great, it looks so natural

  • Jimmy Fink Jimmy Fink on Nov 25, 2016
    I had this idea over two years and make a cave too. Mound dirt then roll some stones and boulders about. If needed you can make an inner support using railroad ties and pack some mud over the wood to give it back to the mud/clay makeup. I also thought about doing a crashed boat - easy with some bad wood and pressure treated round poles as masks. Put sand in a large area and a wood chest you found on crags list.