Decorating Dollar Store Terra Cotta Pots

3 Materials
30 Minutes
I've wanted to decorate some terra cotta pots for some time now. I finally got around to setting up a little painting station outside in the gorgeous summer weather to paint a couple pots! I picked these pots up at the dollar store. I paid $1.00 for two! What a great deal!
I chose to add a design on the first pot, and a twine wrapped white painted pot for the second! The white pot has sure been a hit!
I started with my designed pot. I honestly didn't have any expectations when it came to starting this project. It was completely spur of the moment!

I didn't have any painters tape, so I used some Scotch tape that I had hanging around for gift wrapping. It's kind of hard to tell in this picture, but the pot has been taped with a design. You'll see what I mean below when I start painting it!
I chose a hot pink paint for the first pot and used a sponge dabber to put the paint on. I did start off with a regular paint brush, but did not like the streakiness it left. This gave it a really nice texture!
See the light pink above? That's secretly where the tape is. After the paint was dried I peeled the tape off and it left perfect edges!
This is the finished product! Looks like something that was purchased right from a store. I also didn't have to spend anything on paint or brushes because I have quite the collection of both!
I painted this pot completely white. I didn't take many pictures of this pot since it's clearly simple!
As for actually wrapping it with twine, I purchased a small spool of it from the dollar store back at Christmas time, and never used it all. This was the perfect time to use it! All I did for this was get out the hot glue gun and glued it on! I made sure that when I had enough of my pot wrapped that I ended it at the back of the pot in the same spot that I started it!
This was a super easy project that cost virtually nothing! All of the details can be found over on the blog!

Suggested materials:

  • Terra cotta pots   (Dollar Store)
  • Paint   (Dollar Store)
  • Twine   (Dollar Store)

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  • Bernice H Bernice H on Aug 01, 2017
    Nicely done! I have never seen terra cotta pots at dollar store,just plastic. Is this typical of your dollar store? Plastic , yes,a person could use, but like you I am just partial to t cotta also. Cute idea,especially the white one. Recently I have seen pots like this used as house numbersa number on

    • The Candie Corner The Candie Corner on Aug 02, 2017
      Hi Bernice! Thank you! I purchased a two pack from Dollarama in my town. They do have a little garden section, but I found them in the crafting aisle. They also had galvanized pots and ceramic. I have seen them at the Dollar Tree as well!