Diy Planter Box

2 Materials
2 Hours

We were trying to decide on what type of railing to put on the front of our porch. Then we decided to do something different and built this planter box.

My Diy Porch Planter

First we measured how wide we needed it. And took several tries on how high I would want it. I decided to go under two feet so I could still the other decor on the porch.

Supplies you will need

We built ours to be 10' by 2' by 24" high. We bought ten 2x6's 10' long for sides and 1x6's for the top ledge and some 2x2's for bracing. And also screws to put it together.

Burning process

I didn't want to stain mine so I had the hubby burn the wood before building. This gives it a nice color and protects it from the weather.


We used the 2x2's cut to 24" high to brace the boards and have something to scree them too.


I wanted a ledge on the top so we used 1x4 boards to frame it. This picture shows rain on it too. See how it puddles just with the wood being burned.

The Finished Planter

I am loving it so much. I can see it filled with corn stalks and pumpkins in the fall and greenery for Winter.

Suggested materials:

  • Lumber   (Lumber yard)
  • Screws   (Hardware store)

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