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COVID and isolation has definitely changed a lot of things for us - including how we all now view the garden. It has become our safe haven ... our happy place. If any of us aren't having such a great day mentally, ‘let’s go to the garden’ is usually the first thing we say. Sometimes a little fresh air and a little sun really does make it all better!

The first thing I decided I wanted to do was build an outdoor hanging planter (I've wanted one for absolute ages), but rather than build it from scratch, I opted to hack a few garden planters instead. Click here to see another of my garden planter ideas

Heres how I did it:


  • 3 x planters
  • 10 mm rope 5m long
  • Tape measure / ruler
  • 2 x heavy duty brackets
  • Drill
  • 8mm, 10mm drill bit for metal
  • 6mm masonry drill bit
  • Marker pen
  • Flowers
  • Soil


The first thing you need to do is drill holes to all four corners of the top of the plant box. To create the holes, start with the smaller 8mm drill bit.

 Flip the planter over and drill 4 holes into the base .

Next  Thread the rope though the top hole of the first planter and make a knot like below.

Place the planter box on its side. Measure and mark 30cm on the rope from the edge of the planter. Tie a knot at the marked position.The knot gives the next planter something to rest on.

Thread the rope through the pre-drilled holes on your next planter, knot and repeat.  Repeat this step for all four corners of the planters. 

Decide where you will be hanging this outdoor planter. - i chose my brick wall!

Finally Plant your flowers into the planters and hang!

See blog link below for more tutorial details (AND VIDEO) . If you''re wondering how i created that plant shelf in that video - see my floating plant shelf tutorial

Suggested materials:

  • Rope   (amazon)
  • Tape measure   (amazon)

Medina at Grillo Designs
Want more details about this and other DIY projects? Check out my blog post!

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  • Em Em on Aug 12, 2021

    Nice change from traditional outdoor planters.

  • Debora Leen Debora Leen on Aug 13, 2021

    I'm going to try this for fall flowers. I think I'll use decorative chain instead. I'm afraid the rope will rot from watering.