Tipsy bucket tower.

I've seen a lot of these towers (and made them for others) out of clay pots, but decided to make mine out of old buckets and a tub.
HOW IT'S MADE: Cut a piece of rebar the height of your tower plus 12 to 18 inches. Drill offset holes just larger than your rebar in your buckets near the sides. Drill a hole in the center of the bottom tub. Pound a piece of rebar in the ground and thread your buckets over it balancing the buckets on the edges. Be sure and pound the rebar in far enough to hide it with the top bucket and plants. You can pond it in a bit more once your buckets are placed. Place a terra cotta pot upside down in the tub for the bottom bucket to rest on so it doesn't sink into the soil in the tub. Fill the bottoms of each bucket with peanut packing for drainage and to make them lighter. Plant with wave petunias, asparagus fern, vinca and other trailing plants. Watering tip: Water slowly so the soil doesn't wash out of the tilted buckets so your soil doesn't wash out.
Tipsy buckets.

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