How do I make an inexpensive fence around my garden to keep deer out?

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  • Kathy Gunter Law Kathy Gunter Law on Jan 09, 2019

    Pallets, many times you can get them for cheap or even free if one of the slats is damaged.

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    • Bill Bill on Jan 11, 2019

      Thanks so much for the info Kathy. Kudos to your daughter for volunteering. That’s awesome. You have been a great help. Very much appreciated!

  • Kelli L. Milligan Kelli L. Milligan on Jan 09, 2019

    They can jump a 6' fence and will.

    • Bill Bill on Jan 10, 2019

      Thank you. I know they can jump pretty high. Thanks again.

  • DesertRose DesertRose on Jan 09, 2019

    Deer are hard to keep out unless the fence is at least 6 feet tall. I would use FREE pallets (or nearly free in some areas) and put posts in the ground. You may want to use tall posts and put 2 or 1 1/2 pallets over them . For a quick lesson on putting up ONE, here is a rose trellis, but it could be a fence just as well. They use a board in the ground, but for more permanent I would use T posts. You can rent T post pounders for a weekend and get them all in the ground easily. Here is the 2 pallet trellis that could be extended to be a fence, but it would need to be taller than one pallet.

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    • Bill Bill on Jan 11, 2019

      Thank you for all the info Desert Rose. The lattice sounds like the best way to go. Thanks for taking time to answer my question. Very much appreciated!

  • Oliva Oliva on Jan 10, 2019

    SW PA is polluted with deer. They are capable of easily jumping a 6' fence. If you can't erect an 8' fence, then stagger a second fence, 4' from the first one. Deer have poor depth perception.

    Hanging cloths on a 6' fence will do little to deter determined deer.

    Deer dislike lavender, sage, rosemary. Try planting these, as well as alliums, daffodils beyond your garden, as a deterrent.

  • Bill Bill on Jan 11, 2019

    Thank you Oliva. I live in southern NJ and my property butts up to a wildlife preserve. I get anywhere from 3 to 15 deer at a time in my yard. I love to watch them,but they can do so much damage.I will try your suggestion on the herbs and daffodils once I get the garden in. Thank you so much for the information. Greatly appreciated!