How do I set up an easy semi permanent fence for cheap?


I don't have photos, but I rent a singlewide space in a mobile home park. We want to makeover the small yard area, as we want some space for outdoor activities. The space is approx 10' x 12' and surrounded on 3 sides, 2 sides by our home and our neighbors, with a chain link fence running along the back. The fence has wild rose bushes growing along it. We would like to have a small lawn and potentially a flower bed but there's 2 things that have kept us from sinking the money into it. 1) The wind. We live in a climate where the wind almost never stops blowing and so we are constantly picking up trash that has blown into the dandelion field we call a yard. And 2) animals. Because we live in a park it's not uncommon to have dogs or cats hanging around. We love animals and don't mind them, but we don't want to spend money on landscaping only to have it dug up. So we need a fence. But with renting the space, and needing to get under the home from time to time, I don't want anything permanent. I've seen several types of temp vinyl fencing, but they're both too expensive, and look like the wind would be a problem as they are basically big vinyl sheets staked into the ground. What might be a solution that is cheap, effective, and not totally ugly? Thanks in advance!

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