PVC pipe sun protection


Wondering how to use PVC pipe to make a rather large outdoor sun protector on the brick patio sort of like a pergola with total sun block out for our 3 dogs. We live in Arizona and lost several large shade trees. So now there is no protection from the sun until later in the day.

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  • Betsy Betsy on Jun 03, 2020

    Hi Micki: Instead of PVC pipe, you could use 4x4's and those concrete blocks that have the holes in them. Some have 2 holes, some 1 hole. Stack the blocks 2 or 3 high, stick the 4x4s in them, add 1x1 boards to the top to make a square and keep it solid and attach some outdoor material to 3 of the sides and top. Or, you could use a tarp. That's what I have done to an outdoor bird feeder I have. It keeps the sun, rain and snow off of the bird food and the birds. Good luck

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    • Micki Micki on Jun 04, 2020

      Betsy, Thank you again for the additional information. I’ve just got to get at it!

  • Gk Gk on Jun 03, 2020

    Another option for you might be to purchase a shade sail. They come in many sizes and colors. Amazon has them if you can't find any in your area. Just go to Amazon and type in "shade sails".

    • Micki Micki on Jun 04, 2020


      Thank you so much for your idea. I’m going to look up shade sails that I think it’s a fabulous way to solve my problem.

    • Micki Micki on Jun 04, 2020

      Chas, Thank you so much for the very helpful and easy to follow video.We don’t have any kind of fence just a big brick wall but the video did give me some good ideas. Also I enjoyed your other DIY projects.

  • Ken Erickson Ken Erickson on Jun 04, 2020

    PVC is susceptible to heat and may sag or get distorted. The larger the diameter, the less affect.

    • Micki Micki on Jun 04, 2020

      Ken, Thank you so much for your information. I’ll have to keep that in mind because in the summer here he gets up to 110°!

  • Deb K Deb K on Jun 04, 2020

    Hi Micki, here's one idea, hope it helps you out,