What do you get when you put a rope, boards, and a tree together?

Ok.. that was too easy... but yes.. hopefully a peaceful lil swing spot!
But.. How does one make this happen?
Considering my height vs the tree, I will seek a neighbors ladder for borrowing... but.. then what?

1st.. Is it best to divide the rope in half and wrap each two pieces around an overhanging branch, with the ends where the seat is..?
Or keep in one long piece; tie one end at top (to tree or board); having rope go through and under seat and back up to be tied at top?

2nd.. The branches I am looking at are not perpindicular to the tree.. so would I make one rope/side longer than the other...
Or attach something (a board?) to the branch or the tree that is level/parallel to ground/perpindicular to tree?
**I would prefer not to sustainably harm the tree, but am ok with little scars.**

3rd.. If I tie at seat:
I have two (I apologize.. I don't think I know what these things are called... they are maybe aluminum/steel? and have a flat base that could be screwed onto each end of seat; with a 'hook/rectangular loop attached perpendicularly & where is the rope could be looped thru... sort of like a cabinet handle) 'handles' I could loop the rope thru (and knot? or loop back up?), or I could drill (1 or 2?) holes right into each end of board and loop or knot rope through that. This rope, btw is thick... maybe 3/4"? .. one of those red and white braided kind that are slightly smoother. I'll measure, but I think I purchased (last summer) 50 feet or so... I'm sure that makes a difference.. but for now let's assume I have enough for whichever method..

Teehee.. I also want to do a pallet lounge/swing... but assuming I best get the concept down first..  Unless, of course anyone is up for volunteering?

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