What is a Zen Garden?

A Zen garden can be created outside and is a miniature stylized garden taking inspiration from the Far East to promote relaxation and peace. The idea is to create a personal dry landscape garden featuring rocks and dry plants. Zen gardens also feature textures that can be raked in peaceful motions to allow for inner reflection, which helps promote peace. Get tutorial here

Where Should I Put My Zen Garden?

The great thing about creating a Zen garden is that you can choose almost anything to go in it. The general idea is, to begin with, some kind of plant and texture such as stone, but the rest is up to you. Zen gardens work both outside as part of a rockery or inside with sand that can be raked to promote meditation techniques. The basis of a zen garden is anything that stimulates your relaxation and inner peace. Get tutorial here

Sand Based Zen Garden

This sand based zen garden takes the very basics of the idea but can be an aesthetically pleasing display piece for a room. While there are no plants featured, the rocks and sand work to promote peace. The main idea of a zen garden is to give inner tranquility and, as Chas’ Crazy Creations shows us, we don’t need to go over the top when it comes to designing and creating our zen garden. Get tutorial here

Small Outdoor Zen Garden

Where you place your zen garden depends on where you live. Indeed, some zen gardens can work well outside if you spend a lot of time out there and the weather is suitable. Creating a zen garden where you feel the most relaxed is crucial to the effectiveness of the sand and the decorations. You can alternate what you place in the sandbox too, from flowers to cacti to ornaments. Get tutorial here

Bonsai as a Zen Garden Feature

Some zen gardens also feature traditional bonsai plants in them. The act of gently caring for a bonsai has been known to promote inner peace and relaxation. To create a bonsai themed zen garden, simply build the rest of the garden around the bonsai tree, which needs to be in soil and carefully maintained. The act of pruning the tree replaces the raking of the sand as the repetitive activity. Get tutorial here

Desktop Zen Garden

The best thing about having a Zen garden is the ability to create one almost anywhere. As Hometalker Cyndi Neumann shows us with her zen garden, she has grown it in an old teacup. All she did was use the teacup as the plant pot and ensure she maintains the upkeep of the plants as they grow bigger. The teacup can be placed on a desk or table and can bring a small slice of zen to daily life. Get tutorial here

Zen Garden Patio Table

However, you are able to incorporate your zen garden into your home or garden can bring about relaxation. Hometalker Carole has transformed a tub into a sand zen garden and covered it with a glass tabletop. The zen garden not only provides the aesthetic of peace, as it is required to do but also has a functional use when it is a table. If you wanted a zen garden but didn't have space for it, this could be a great way to solve that problem. Get tutorial here

Growing Zen Garden

Zen gardens can come in all shapes and sizes. This zen garden focuses on the principle of a vertical growing planter. Pruning the plants growing from the sides of the planter can help promote tranquility. The mini zen garden can be placed almost anywhere and can be a feature for a table or even your working desk. The creation is simple and easy and involves planting inside a vertical planter. Get tutorial here

Creating Ornaments for the Zen Garden

Ornaments for your zen garden are also open to interpretation. One way is to use rocks, which have the ability to earth a space and bring stability, which is essential for relaxation. These painted cactus rocks couldn't be more simple. All you need to do to recreate them is to find some rocks and then paint them with whatever pattern you choose. Placing them in a zen garden can also bring a personal touch and make the space yours, which will further aid your inner peace. Get tutorial here

Buddha Zen Garden

Buddha is a great feature for a zen garden and can really help inspire relaxation and peace due to the connotations the statue promotes. Simply create your zen garden and decide which kind of statue you want to add to the sand. Almost anything can be added to a zen garden, although Buddha and other Buddhism-related ornaments are common due to the origins of the zen garden itself. As long as the ornament gives you a feeling of peace, it can be placed in your zen garden. Get tutorial here

Zen Gardens are Simple!

Creating a zen garden is extremely simple, yet can look very effective as a piece in your home, as well as promoting inner peace and tranquility through its zen functions. The idea of a zen garden is open to interpretation, so can be created from almost anything. The beauty of a zen garden means that it can be created in miniature form as a mini zen garden or even on your desktop to help find peace in a busy work life. Mixing ideas of feng shui also help to create aesthetically pleasing zen gardens. Get tutorial here