Clever Space Saver Kitchen Storage Shelf

For the last few months I've been working on my kitchen. The 25 year old cabinets have been given a wonderful update with new paint and hardware. The old fluorescent light was changed to beautiful bronze pendants. I was once again happy to be in the kitchen except for one major thing. I still needed more storage!
I have a teeny tiny pantry which means I have to store groceries in my kitchen cabinets. And I'm sure you know what that means. It means I'm limited on space for dishes, spices, prep bowls, etc. As I was painting my kitchen cabinets I noticed how small my canisters looked on the countertop. I really didn't want larger canisters and an idea starting forming in my head.
Earlier in the year when I had made this old phonograph over, I had removed the bottom shelf because it wasn't original to the piece. I stored the shelf away because I thought it might come in handy at some point.
Which it did! I dry brushed the shelf white and used it for and ice cream social. It gave height and additional storage to my display.
I dug that little ole shelf out of storage, plopped it down on the counter and added my canisters. Obviously the size was all wrong. It was too tall, too deep, but not quite wide enough; however, it was enough to get the wheels spinning.
And I came up with this little beauty. Mitered corners, slightly sanded edges to give it an aged appearance.
And a larger one to hold my canisters. The old wood box holds large ladles, measuring cups, measuring spoons, etc. The fun red prep bowls add a nice splash of color to our kitchen.
And one more for our oversized coffee mugs.
As you can see, I've maximized my kitchen storage without making it look or feel cluttered. Our frequently used items are now easy for the kids to reach without having to get a stool to reach a high shelf in the cabinet. And all of that means I've cleared out some cabinet space which I can now use for other items. For instructions on how to build your own shelf or to buy a custom built shelf click on the link to my blog.

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