DIY Farmhouse Shelves Under $10 (Maybe Even LESS!)

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Hey y'all! It's Lori from graceful + lovely! So, today's post is going to be talking about my kitchen transformation. So, we moved into our "cookie cutter" home in 2016 and while I would have rather moved into a home built in 1890, I knew I would implement character into this home. Someway, somehow.

The kitchen was a NO for me. Now, it was beautiful. Don't get me wrong. It just wasn't my style. So, I knew I needed to make a change. This is honestly probably my favorite DIY we've ever done. It COMPLETELY transformed the kitchen and was so affordable! It made a huge difference for so little cost!

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The Before.
So, this was the way it looked before. I know I may get a lot of people with a "Nooooooo, it looks perfectly fine!" reaction. Trust me, I know. I just saw a vision and wanted to make it come to reality. A white backsplash with wood shelves made my heart happy. So, with my DIY heart, I knew I had to achieve it.
So, the first thing you want to do is measure. Measure, measure, measure. My hubby is a stickler when it comes to this. My hubby and I tackle these DIY projects together (I thank God for him!) I'm the one with the vision and he's my little handyman. (swoon!)
We are pre-drilling the backsplash because I will be painting the backsplash white and I didn't want the paint to crack while we drilled in.
Now, it's my time to shine! I absolutely LOOOVVVVEEE staining! It's so much fun! These poplar boards are SOOOOO affordable. We got ours at The Home Depot.
Normally, I make a concoction of 3 or 4 different stain colors but this time I went with good ol' Dark Walnut. It worked perfectly with my decor.
Just look at this gorgeous stain. It's amazing how you can transform something with some stain or paint. DIYing is just the best!
One more look at this gorgeousness. I am in love.
The next thing I did was spray paint these corner braces, a black matte. These corner braces are so affordable. I was looking for brackets for this DIY but they were all pretty expensive. Then, I told my handyman that we can just use corner braces as "brackets", it gives it that industrial feel we both love. I also spray painted the screws so it can all look the same.
Annnnnddddd... look at it! It completely transformed the kitchen! I am so in love with the outcome. The kitchen is so much brighter and rustic/cottage. It was such an affordable DIY & it didn't take that long. It's not cookie cutter at all anymore!!!
This DIY is perfect if you have a small kitchen and need additional storage. A lot of people don't realize you can easily throw a shelve on your backplash and BOOM... additional storage! Plus, it looks pretty flippin' adorable.
I also use it to showcase my spices. We made a total of 4 shelves. If you want to see the rest of the project, make sure you go to my YouTube channel to check it out!

Also, we do a lot of DIYs on there and I speak about home decor A LOT! LOL! It's a good ol' time over there so make sure you subscribe to my channel. We have a lot more DIYs coming soon! Can't wait to show y'all!


Thank you for checking my post out! Happy DIYing ;)


Or you can use the shelves like I am... showing off your favorite decor pieces! I love thrifting so I love showcasing all my antiques!

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  • Amy Collier Gilbert Amy Collier Gilbert on Apr 24, 2019

    How do you keep the time from cracking when you drill into it?

  • Edie Nichols Edie Nichols on Apr 24, 2019

    I like the project, the dark against the chalk white wall is very trendy currently. My question is, and forgive me for being petty, why would one not remove the UPC sticker before staining? Granted, it’s on the underside of a shelf, but still. 🤔

  • Karen Karen on Apr 25, 2019

    I love the beach but my kitchen is a 90’s kitchen and I want it to look more beachy I painted one wall where the wi does are a coral orange and the restate very light grey cabinets are white floor is a-darkish grey I would love to bring it all together and do some type of shelves under the cabinets like you have done but want a beach look help


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