How can I make a cheap but sturdy clothes hanging rack?


I need to make something to hang clothes on in a rental storage unit (Not mine) that is sturdy and really cheap for alot of clothes because I only need to use them for a short time period.

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  • We recently made a metal clothes hanging rack which is very sturdy and can hold many clothes. This is a similar tutorial to what we did:

  • Kim East Kim East on Oct 21, 2019

    Make a rectangular frame with 2x4s and drill a large hole in either side at the top (make sure the holes are big enough to slide a length of pipe through, and are equally spaced and are of equal distance from the ground or your pole will be lopsided). Slip a length of plumbing pipe through the holes to create a hanging pole (can use a shower curtain rod too, but a wooden dowel is not recommended as wood will warp under the weight). Screw plastic yogurt lids over ends of pole to keep in place. Screw scraps of 2x4s crosswise into bottom of frame to make a sturdy base. If you need the rack to roll, get some locking wheels at your local hardware store. Make sure they will support at least 500 lbs. Install to base at 4 corners.

  • Ilene Ilene on Oct 21, 2019

    PVC. I've made simple racks that are very sturdy. The trick is to not make them too high. The lower they are to the ground, less chance of tipping over. Bar on the bottom, 2 verticals, bar across the top. I used PVC connector pieces to get everything together. Use substantial weignt PVC.

  • J J on Oct 22, 2019
    Use two ladders with an closet rod zip tied to the top of ladders