How can I install a high shelf that wraps around my living room?


I would like to put up a shelf all the way around the room near the ceiling. I’ve seen it in a post on Hometalk, however the post was about something else and didn’t address the shelf. Any help would be great thank you in advance!!!

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  • Pamela Pamela on Nov 07, 2019

    Hi , I have seen this done , too . Great place for collectables , cap collection , baskets, even stuffed animals or toy trucks in a kids room . I would get wood planks , paint or stain them and put up L brackets to hold them up , or regular or decorative brackets , even plumbing pipe !

  • Emily Emily on Nov 07, 2019

    How close to the ceiling do you want the shelves to be? What is the purpose you intend to put them to? How visible do you want whatever it is you place on these shelves to be? And from what distance? What will be underneath these shelves? Will you need to access them? How easy will it be to keep contents and shelves clean? Since we have lots of bookcases and built ins (like this one) we do have things displayed up high. It works great to keep things safely and yet see them. Not so great to retrieve them or clean the tops! (top of this unit displays pitchers and platters)

  • Linda Sikut Linda Sikut on Nov 07, 2019

    Hi Anna,

    A similar question was asked on houzz and several people replied. One sent pictures along with the method that they used. I hope that helps. Wishing you the best.

  • Anna Stone Anna Stone on Nov 07, 2019

    Thank you Linda, I really needed a visual!!!