Creating a Private Little Nook Within a Larger Room

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3 Hours

We needed a small private space within a larger room and wanted it to have a tv and bed for napping, relaxing or overnight guests.

Choose your space

This room was a bit under 8' along one wall. With a door at one end and a window at the other they aligned perfectly and gave just enough depth to enclose a twin size bed. If your room is even larger you could make an L shaped curtain divider for the room but for us this was perfect.

Attach 2 pc of scrap wood to wall

Using two scrap pieces of wood cut off of our longer face board I stained them before he attached them to the wall. He predrilled pocket holes in them so that the long board could be attached to the edge fronts and screwed them in place.

Cut & stain long face board

After cutting down a 1x8x8 piece of pine to the right length I stained and dry brushed it then he attached it to the scrap wood that was attached to the wall as shown above. It will hide the metal pole that the curtains hang on.

Attach pole supports

I got these wood closet pole supports and stained them to match and attached them behind the long board.

Cut a 3/4" conduit metal bar to the length needed for your space if it isn't already the length needed.

Here you can see the it from the back side before putting curtains on.

Slide a shower curtain on

Shower curtains come in fabric with so many prints in a variety of lengths so we had lots of choices!

I love the curious cows!

For my purpose though it wasn't wide enough so I also used semi sheer curtains on the ends...

Slide curtains onto pole

These semi sheer pocket rod curtains slid easily onto the pole at each side of the shower curtain.

That stained wood board looks great and hides the metal pole for the curtains so well.

Include some entertainment

It's not really part of this project but we got in on a good deal for a smart tv so installed it at one end with a tilt tv wall bracket. It's great cause we can enjoy music and tv in this space. Oh, and we added an outlet extender with USB ports and a very long phone charging cord that has a mini shelf for the phone. I'll include it in the links below but not in the cost. Later we'll add some shelving for books and things.

With the semi sheer curtains on either end the shower curtain in the middle slides open and shut easily using the metal shower rings.

My next project I share will be the window shutters with the crescent moon cut out.

Suggested materials:

  • 1x8x8 pine wood lumber   (Menards store)
  • 3/4" conduit metal bar 10ft   (Menards store)
  • Closet pole socket set   (Amazon)
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  • Susan Matejka Susan Matejka on Jul 27, 2021

    So, where does the dog sleep?

  • Shuganne Shuganne on Jul 27, 2021

    Where did you find the cow shower curtain? I LOVE it!!! I could use it in the bathtub and on so many windows in my house that the neighbors would talk.


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  • Carey Carey on Aug 14, 2021

    This is a very neat idea! Well done!

  • Mary McDonald Mary McDonald on Aug 28, 2021

    Super cute! I would have not the bullet and just bought a second shower curtain with the cows. Then it would look good if tied back