DIY Rustic Pallet Wall

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I wanted to set my t.v. up against something I can enjoy to look at. Sooo this very easy and eye pleasing reclaimed wood from pallets did the trick!
Step 1: Gather as many wooden pallets as you can from local businesses and warehouses. Step 2: Dismantal them by using a saw or hammer and pry bar. Step 3: I used a palm sander with 220 grit to smoothen the surface just enough to get the dirt off and minimize the chances of splinters. Step 4: Stain the wood, I chose expresso, dark walnut, and natural penetrating wood stain colors. Some of the pieces I left without stain as they had neat or natural colors already.
Step 5: Find your studs by using a stud finder amd mark the studs, I used painters tape to mark mine.
Step 6: Start at the top of your wall and with a brad nailer, start nailing your boards. Be sure to keep the lengths of your boards random, and mix up the colors of your board to make your wall stand out.

And there you have it....
Suggested materials:
  • *Brad nail gun   (Home Depot)
  • *Wooden pallets   (Various locations such as warehouses and stores.)
  • *Wooden Stains   (Home Depot)
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