Can a Rug Make a Room? Decoration Tips You Probably Didn’t Know

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Have you ever noticed how big of a difference a throw rug can make? Even though it might not strike you from the very first moment you enter a room, a rug can completely change the ambience and the aspect of it. Designing a house looks easy to some, but – in reality – it requires a well-formed eye and a lot of talent to put together each item.

Of course, you don’t have to be a professional in order to get the best out of the space you want to decorate. Some short facts about this topic should inspire you to make the best choices when it comes to your own house. Don’t forget that preferences and subjectivity will always interfere with the choices you make. What seems ideal for some can look like a complete mess to you and vice-versa.

This is the reason why it is important to learn more about the aesthetic value of different sorts of decorative items. One of the items that can change perceptions when it comes to design is represented by rugs. Rugs are often ignored, and they are not given as much attention as they deserve. This article contains some details about the visual power of a rug in sustaining the design you chose for a certain room in your house. Pay attention to each detail and you’ll be capable of selecting what’s best for your own house. Here’s the list:
Features you should look for
There are several features that you should keep an eye on when choosing a rug for your room. All features of a rug make it suitable for one room or another, for one type of design or another or for different sorts of purposes.
·         Color
First things first, you need to understand colors. Ranging from white to patterned, the color of a rug can entirely change the look of a room. Usually, rugs don’t have to match the general color palette you chose for the respective room. Rugs are a great opportunity to add a splash of color to a neuter-colored room or to calm a crowded design. In case you want to choose a patterned design, make sure that it suits all sorts of color palettes. Otherwise, you might be required to change the rug with each renovation.
·         Shape
The shape is less important than color but is an important feature when you are trying to complement the design of a room. Rugs usually come in three different shapes: circular, square and rectangular. Circular rugs are known for opening up space and adding contrast in rooms filled with sharp-edged furniture. Square rugs are suitable for symmetric rooms where space is limited while rectangular ones accentuate length.
·         Size
Rugs can be large, medium or small (accent rugs). Each one serves different purposes in a room. Large rugs are usually integrated into rooms where the flooring should be covered either because of aesthetic reasons or protection ones (hardwood flooring). Medium size rugs are used for both aesthetic and protection reasons but can also add an interesting touch to a room. These are the most selected ones. Accent rugs complement the design of a room through their aspect. 
Rugs by room
Each room requires certain types of rugs. For instance, when desiring to decorate your living room, you should choose rug size that’s appropriate for the furnishings. Dull floor plans can often make the furniture you own fade away. In order to make it pop, you can add a chunky, patterned rug and define the area clearly. If your living room has a conversation area, choose accent rugs. In case you want to outline the whole room, choose medium to large rugs.

For dining rooms, it would be advised to choose a rug that fits the dining table you possess. In most cases, rectangular rugs should fit the space perfectly, including the chairs and their potential movement. Chairs should always stay on the rug. Another important aspect when choosing a rug for a dining room would be the material of the rug, as it can get damaged or stained easily.

Finally, for bedrooms, you can let your imagination run free and surround yourself with design elements of your choice. Besides choosing a large rug that covers the perimeter of your bedroom, you can also buy a bed throw. A bed throw can give an elegant touch to any room and it is also great for cosy, warm nights. 
Rugs by style
Rugs come in certain styles that can be easily integrated into home decors considering the style they fit. The fact that rugs are categorized by style makes it easier for a person to narrow the search and choose a rug that’s suitable for their own situation. Rugs can be separated into:

· Traditional Rugs
You can recognize traditional rugs after their elaborate borders and classic look. The materials used for these rugs are often wool and silk. Their colorful borders make them suitable for dining rooms and living rooms.
· Dhurries
Dhurries are affordable rugs that can be used as accent rugs. They come in geometric design and are usually made of cotton, jute or silk. Dhurries are inspired by Indian home design and are suitable for all rooms.
· Kilims
Kilims and dhurries are similar, but they feature a different sort of pattern and other fabrics. Kilims are made from rougher materials, so they are suitable for areas in your home where there’s a lot of foot traffic. They usually come in bright colours like red, green or yellow.
· Ikat
Ikat rugs are inspired from Indonesian home design. Ikat represents a specific pattern, a dying technique used in Indonesia. These rugs can instantly bring an exotic touch to living rooms, dining rooms, and bedrooms. They are usually made of colorfast polypropylene and wool.
· Moroccan
These are one of the most appreciated rugs for interior design lovers. Moroccan rugs are lightweight and made from cotton. They come in bright colors and plush materials. 

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