How to Use a Lemon and Toothpaste to Clean a Washing Machine

Time for a cleaning hack adventure!

Recently, I stumbled upon a quirky tip on Home Tricks that involved using lemon and toothpaste to clean a washing machine. Intrigued, I decided to give it a shot, despite the skeptical look from my husband. Someone has to try these crazy life hacks and see if they work, right?

Tools and Materials:

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Natural way to clean washing machine with lemon and toothpaste

1. Prepare the Lemon and Toothpaste Mix

Begin by cutting a lemon and applying toothpaste to it.

Wondering why this odd combo? According to my quick Google search, lemons, with their citric acid, break down mineral deposits, while toothpaste, particularly the non-gel type, boasts mild abrasives and detergents, perfect for scrubbing away grime and stains.

DIY eco-friendly washing machine cleaning hack

2. Place the Lemon in the Washing Machine

Place the toothpaste-coated lemon halves in the washing machine drum.

Cleaning with household items

3. Treat the Rubber Seal with Bicarb and Vinegar

Address the rubber seal by pouring bicarbonate of soda and adding vinegar, creating a powerful fizzing reaction that tackles hidden dirt.

Toothpaste as a cleaner

4. Apply Toothpaste to the Inside Door

While unconventional, the hack suggests applying toothpaste on the inside door of the washing machine. I followed suit, although I am not optimistic about this step.

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5. Run a Hot Wash Cycle

Set your machine to run on a hot wash and extra rinse cycle. Let the lemon, toothpaste, bicarb, and vinegar concoction work its magic.

Non-toxic cleaning hack for a sparkling washing machine

Tutorial: Lemon and Toothpaste to Clean Washing Machine

Once the cycle completes, open the door to reveal a shiny and clean washing machine. No toothpaste residue on the inner door and a surprisingly fresh outcome!

This is a fantastic addition to my list of chemical-free cleaning tips, providing a refreshing alternative to commercial detergents.

So, who among you is up for trying this quirky hack? Let me know how it worked.

Happy Cleaning!

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