How do I get my wireless keyboard clean?

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  • Nancy Turner Nancy Turner on Dec 29, 2017
    Please finish your question so we can help you with your keyboard problem.

    • Ezt2778511 Ezt2778511 on Dec 30, 2017
      My wireless keyboard no longer works. When I tap the keys , nothing happens. I can do nothing with a non-functioning keyboard.

  • Spr17509824 Spr17509824 on Dec 30, 2017
    e I us

  • Spr17509824 Spr17509824 on Dec 30, 2017
    i use lenscleaner.

  • 19698379 19698379 on Dec 30, 2017
    Compressed air that you can purchase in canisters at almost any office supply store, Walmart, Best Buy, etc. Also, use a Qtip with a little alcohol on it to clean your keys.

  • M. M.. M. M.. on Dec 30, 2017
    unplug your keyboard, turn it over and tap gently. Crumbs, etc.,will fall out. Wipe keys and between keys with a cloth wetted with mild glass cleaner. Do not spray cleaner onto keys, it will get inside. Pressing on keys of unplugged keyboard with towel should be fine. Let dry and plug back in. A dry clean paintbrush can be used to clean keyboard in between times, just whisk between the rows.

  • Nancy Turner Nancy Turner on Dec 30, 2017
    How long have you had it? Perhaps the batteries are no longer good. Did you spill anything on the keyboard? Nothing lasts forever. If you need a new one, make sure you get the one for your operating system (i.e. windows 10). Do you put batteries in it or do you recharge the keyboard itself? If you put in batteries, check the contacts to see if they need to be cleaned. If it has an internal battery and no longer charges, it may be shot, you could check at a battery store to see if you can replace the battery or if you have to get a new keyboard. I use a wireless mouse, but I don't use the wireless keyboard, my son had one and always complained about it as the batteries ran out too frequently for someone that is a hard core gamer.