How can I clean my stove top grates and make them shine?

  5 answers
  • Sandra J Miller Sandra J Miller on Jun 07, 2017
    Get a plastic container large enough to hold the grates. Place all the. Grates in the container and pour half gallon of " ammonia " in. Put lid on and let set over night. The next day wash with soapy water. Awesome how easy they clean up like knew.

  • Elaine Elaine on Jun 07, 2017
    Put them in zip lock bags, one in each bag. Then put ammonia in each bag, make sure you wear a face mask, gloves, and open windows because the smell is really strong. Keep them overnight in the bags and the next day, rinse them off. You will see all the junk that was on them disappeared.

  • Lisa L Smith Lisa L Smith on Jun 07, 2017
    sprinkle the area with baking soda. Then spray on a generous amount of hydrogen peroxide. Make sure it's bubbling. Let it set for about 15 minutes and wipe off. Stubborn areas may need a little elbow grease.

  • Sus8210554 Sus8210554 on Jun 08, 2017
    I use Brillo pads to clean them and the top of the stove ,I put plastic gloves on too. And just wipe it clean with a sponge .mor you can use oven cleaner outside for the grates and clean them that way too . Susie