How should I clean my stove?

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  • Mom15365177 Mom15365177 on Jun 11, 2017
    They sell easy off oven cleaner,and be sure and we're cleaning gloves.

  • Debbie Koehne Whipple Debbie Koehne Whipple on Jun 11, 2017
    What kind of stove is it? Glass/ceramic top?

  • How dirty is it? I cook every day. I wipe down the stove after every use. While not everyone has this luxury, try to get into the habit of at least wiping it down at night before bed - in the long term, it will save you time and money, not to mention aggrivation! 😊

    • Ellis Ellis on Jun 12, 2017
      Very true. It's much better to clean up spills before they become burned on. I clean my glass stove top every evening with a dash of Cerama Bryte, after the stove top cools down. Usually that's about the time the dishes are done.

  • Lin17481120 Lin17481120 on Jun 12, 2017
    You didn't state what type stove. For an electric, enamel top stove you need to remove the coil burners. Make a thin (not liquidy) paste of baking soda and water. Using a soft cloth, wipe the paste onto the coils of each burner. DO NOT get the connection end of burners wet!) Let those sit for 15-20 minutes.
    While your burners are sitting you can clean your stove top with hot water, and Dawn or any other dishwashing liquid that has a degreaser in it, and vinegar. Remove the temperature knobs, (these usually come off by grabbing the knob and pulling straight out) and put in the hot water-dishwashing solution to soak. Using a clean cloth, dip into hot water solution and wipe down the surface of your stove, including the backsplash where your temperature selections are. Rinse and shine the surface.
    It's now time to clean the baking soda solution off your coil burners using a clean cloth. Wet the cloth with hot water and wring out. Wipe over each burner (be careful to not wet the connection end of burner) until each burner is completely clean from baking soda solution. While the coils are drying, wash and rinse the temperature selection knobs. Dry and replace on backsplash. Replace you coil burners.
    OVEN: Use the hot water-dawn-vinegar solution for an oven that isn't very dirty. For a baked on-dirty oven use an oven cleaner.

    I hope this helps.