Is there a real way to clean the bottoms of older cookware

Have new glass top stove and the burned bottoms of cookware makes it very hard to clean stove top

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  • Pascale Nguyen Pascale Nguyen on Dec 01, 2017
    Make a paste of baking soda and vinegar and scrub the bottom of your pans. Some people say to try using salt and water but I haven't tried.

  • Ken Ken on Dec 01, 2017
    Try oven cleaner.

  • Jan piner Jan piner on Dec 01, 2017
    I like to use magic eraser

  • Regina Huffman Regina Huffman on Dec 01, 2017
    I have gently used a utility razor blade for years. Good luck

  • Suzie Suzie on Dec 02, 2017
    Use the cleaner made for the glass-top strove (most grocery stores carry it). I’ve also the same cleaner to clean yellowed car headlights as well as polish an old stainless steel sink. It’s a very mild abrasive made to clean glass-top stoves but it does not damage the heating elements enbedded in the glass. Use a little on a dry paper towel and that should remove the stains on the bottom of your cookware. I’ve used the same bottle for over a 18 months and still have 1/3 of the bottle left (including using it on my headlights and sink and almost every time I cook on my glass-top stove). Cost about $7 per bottle.

  • Eas28941617 Eas28941617 on Dec 02, 2017
    I use stove top cleaner with plastic netted sponge. I also use mr clean with above sponge