What to use to cover a gas oven to keep it clean

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  • What do you mean by "cover?" The bottom of the oven?

  • Linda Sikut Linda Sikut on Dec 30, 2017
    There are gas burner covers that you can buy if you look online. They may have them in places like Lowes or Home Depot. I have electric burners and I've always gotten covers from places like Miles Kimball, Lillian Vernon or Collections, Inc. Wishing you the best & Happy New Year!

  • 27524803 27524803 on Dec 30, 2017
    Putting covers on a "gas" anything.... requires caution.... because of the pilot light(s) and the possible buildup of fumes from the propane (heavier than air) or the natural gas (lighter than air)... which, in the presence of a spark, can cause an explosion.... check with the stoves manufacturer about using any kind of cover.
    IF you are asking about a liner for the bottom of the oven... there are commercially made heavy foil liners made to catch most drips... but in many cases.... it is a good idea to use a sheet pan to cook most things on anyway (I like the really cheap pizza pans... $.99 because when they get really gross... I just throw them away)

  • Spr17509824 Spr17509824 on Dec 30, 2017
    If you mean to catch the drips while baking/broiling, I use large aluminum foil pizza holders for frozen pizzas on bottom of oven. I wipe clean , replace after a while. $$$store charges $1 for each.